Are "air fryers" a scam?

Best frozen pizza in air fryer

Are air fryers a scam?At 60 years old, Iu2019ve seen a lot of new u201cmiracleu201d cooking appliances come and go.

At first I resisted the idea of air frying.

I wanted my deep fried food submerged in hot oil, as God intended it to be.

,But as with many new inventions, the key is often in the marketing, and the naming is one of those things.

u201cAir fryeru201d really doesnu2019t do justice for this new class of small cooking appliances.

,Rather than being a substitute for frying, the Air Fryer is more of a convection oven on steroids.

And even that isnu2019t the best description.

(And since most people donu2019t know how to use a convection ovenu2026),I have three different u201cair fryersu201d.

Two different styles at home, and another style at work.

All three of them work a little different, but there are a lot of things that they do pretty well, and theyu2019re all rather compact, and quick for small batches.

For single people, or even for couples, itu2019s not hard to find lots of uses for an air fryer.

,Of course the first thing everyone does is make french fries.

Itu2019s not just clique.

Itu2019s a good way to learn how your air fryer works.

Itu2019s a great starting point.

,The wheelhouse of the air fryer is food thatu2019s crispy on the outside, and soft in the inside.

After french fries, people do chicken nuggets, breaded/battered frozen fish or shrimp, garlic bread, pizza rolls and all kinds of stuff that is not any good when microwaved, and not all that much better in the oven (which takes forever, including preheating time!),And this is why they call it a u201cfryeru201d.

In the restaurant, foods that are crisp are often fried, and this little countertop convection oven on steroids adds crunch to your menus.

Crunch that you normally get with fried foods at restaurants.

,One of my air fryers is more of an air grill.

It has a heavy cast grill plate.

Unlike a regular air fryer, it needs to be preheated, but between the extra hot air blowing from the top, and the hot cast plate grilling from the bottom, I have even more options that previously werenu2019t very practical to feed one or two people from a typical home kitchen.

,I would say that if you have an air fryer, a multi-cooker (eg, Instant Pot), and a microwave oven, thatu2019s all you need for a single person, or a couple.

You may never fire-up your oven again, and youu2019ve got options that donu2019t require a stove top, as well.

,There are some companies out there just slapping together something they can call an air fryer.

And there are some big kitchen appliance manufacturers who jumped on the bandwagon too fast.

But if you read the reviews, you should be able to find an air fryer that meets your needs.

Get the wrong air fryer, and you might think itu2019s a scam, but take the time to find the right one, and youu2019ll be amazed.

Ninja air fryer pizza

An air fryer is basically small countertop convection oven.

Some models are smallish and egg-shaped, with a footprint similar to that of a coffee maker.

convection ovens, every model is equipped with high-speed fans to circulate hot air around your food.

But air fryers blow air more forcefully and at hotter temperatures than regular convection, in an attempt to mimic the browning of deep-frying, using teaspoons of oil rather than cups.

,some best type of air fryer are,Instant Vortex 4-in-1 Air Fryer,Instant Vortex Plus 6-in-1 Air Fryer,Ninja Air Fryer

Air fryer pizza healthy

I would recommend a larger size maybe around a gallon (10 litres) or more in size.

The Tefal Actifry is supposed to be the market leader but I do not think it is quite big enough.

In the bigger ones you can fit a whole pizza and a huge roast.

,I have in the past had a Eurochef (Euro Chef?) and now have a Flora.

The Flora is superior to the Euro Chef in that the top is tempered glass not hardened plastic and therefore easy to clean without scratching and doesnu2019t yellow with time.

(A yellow build up of fat oils will occur needing you to clean it from time to time but the glass will not intrinsically go yellow like plastic will).

However in functionality they are both the same.

,They also have a metal lightweight bowl which is removable for easy cleaning.

Though I line the base with alfoil every time I cook so that is just a matter of lifting that out carefully with the oil or cheese or sauce on it and wiping the metal bowl lightly.

,You can also buy an all glass airfryer sometimes called turbo oven or convection oven.

These have the feature of you just filling the bottom glass bowl with water and detergent and turning it on high for half an hour and it cleans itself.

The glass version is perhaps a little heavier too.

However a cheap kmart or walmart or ebay version of this kind is just as good as an expensive one.

,The Euro Chef and Flora have digital controls which I prefer as they last for years and do not wear out like the ones which use spring timers.

(I had one of those and it wore out in a few months as I used it almost nightly).

So I recommend looking for a digital one no matter what the brand!,The Euro Chef and Flora and I imagine all of the ones with metal bowl inserts in the base (except I believe the Tefal which may or may not come with a stirring paddle (which by the way I have heard from friends breaks quickly needing EXPENSIVE replacing!) have holes which fit baskets that rotate for fries or anything else you want extra crispy and also for fitting in kebab sticks which both come with the machines.

,Lastly I recommend the bigger ones as you can put a casserole dish in them or a baking pan for cakes or a quiche or pie dish.

I like to cook this way as I am completely over cleaning my regular oven with caustic cleaners and donu2019t use it at all anymore!,Oh you can also make 3 slices of grilled cheese in the larger airfryers!,Good Luck choosing! You will never look back.

The only reason I could think NOT to get an airfryer would be lack of cupboard or bench space! I love mine and my family loves the food it makes- quick and healthy (oil free) and perfectly crispy if needed.

You havenu2019t lived till youu2019ve eaten pork crackling made in an airfryer!