How do you make scrambled eggs without milk?

What to have with scrambled eggs instead of bread

If Scrambled eggs means eggs that are just stirred around on a hot pan till it gets cooked, then I shall give the Indian take on Scrambled eggs aka Egg bhurji.

,,,It is a pretty simple dish to make.

When compared with the usual scrambled eggs recipe, here we remove the milk and add veggies like tomatoes, onions, capsicum (bell pepper) , mushrooms etc.

and herbs like coriander , fenugreek, mint etc.

and few pinches of the usual Indian spices like garam masala ( for the warmth) , turmeric (for the beauiful yellow colour ) and pepper/red chilli powder (for the hotness).

We can cook it till it is runny or well done as per your taste.

,Pair this dish with buttered bread slices or pav (indian bread roll) and finally you have a quintessential Indian snack / breakfast food.

,This spin on the scrambled eggs will definitely appeal to your eyes (with the varied colours seen), your smell ( with the different spices used) and your taste .

Scrambled eggs hard or soft

The amount of time itu2019s cooked.

Soft scrambled isnu2019t cooked as long as hard scrambled.