How do you make scrambled eggs in boiling water?

Scrambled eggs in boiling water

You canu2019t actually make scrambled eggs IN boiling water.

If you tried that, youu2019d end up with flavorless egg drop u201csoupu201d or wisps of bland boiled egg floating in water.

You can make great scrambled eggs ABOVE or OVER boiling water by using a double boiler setup, or a pan or bowl nested above a pot of boiling water, with the steam providing the heat to gently cook the eggs.

You could also use a pot of boiling water to heat the bottom of the pan immersed In the water (I guess technically that would be IN boiling water) but that would cook the eggs at a much higher temperature than necessary, and they would not be as tender in the end.

,Use one of the above methods to heat your pan, add oil or butter evenly then add your beaten eggs and season them o taste.

Then used a heat proof flexible spatula to stir the eggs gently as they begin to set on the heated pan, scraping up the set parts and allowing the uncooked portion o contact the pan.

Continue to gently fold and stir the beaten eggs until most of the liquid has set, but the curds still appear u201cwetu201d.

Season with more salt and pepper if necessary, and enjoy the creamiest, silkiest scrambled eggs ever.