What topics are off limits in therapy sessions?

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Off-limits would be the therapistu2019s personal life and other patientsu2019 stories and things that are irrelevant to the reason that you are there.

(For example, you just want to talk about knitting.

) Sometimes you can get a therapist to talk about other patients in an anonymous generalized sort of way in the context of it somehow relating to you, for example, you sleep 16 hours a day and you ask your therapist if sheu2019s ever encountered something like that before, sheu2019d be comfortable admitting u201cOh yes, one patient of mine sometimes slept 18 hours a day, we used some methods to help him that we can try on you.

u201d Telling you his whole life story or any identifying details would be off-limits.

Therapists also arenu2019t supposed to share too much about themselves because they donu2019t want the patients getting emotionally attached and seeing the therapist as a friend-relationship.

And any ethical therapist wouldnu2019t let you just talk about knitting for 50 minutes unless they felt like they could learn something about your disorder and find a way to help you.

They are supposed to provide a mental-health service, not just be a prostitute that takes your money to just have pointless conversations with you.

So if you tend to avoid the u201ctherapyu201d part of therapy by wasting time with pointless topics, the therapist might ban those topics in order to spend time talking about more relevant stuff.

However, a lot of therapists really seem to not give a shit so long as theyu2019re getting paid and theyu2019ll be more than happy to hear all about your recipe for chocolate cupcakes for a whole session and pretend theyu2019re doing their jobs.

,But anything relating to you that seems inappropriate to talk about, whether itu2019s your secret desire to kill and eat babies or have sex with dead animals, whatever creepy illegal disgusting shit you can think of, you should be able to talk about with your therapist.

If the therapist acts immature about it, but itu2019s a real problem you want to address and fix, then you need to find a better therapist that can help you stop wanting to eat babies etc.

But of course, if youu2019re only bringing up beastiality and cannibalism to waste your therapistsu2019 time and make them uncomfortable, they should be steering you away from that kind of thing and better utilize their time with you to figure out why you feel the need to do that and see if they canu2019t help you grow out of that behavior.

,The whole point of the therapy is to help you live a more mentally/emotionally healthier life.

Of course there are thousands of therapists out there happy to take your money and stare at your face while you blabber on about shit no one cares about or sit quietly or whatever, but Iu2019d say you need to find someone who is willing to work hard to find what your true problem is and help you fix it so that your life can be more enjoyable for you.

If they canu2019t handle the really out-there stuff, you need to find someone else who can.

Some therapists canu2019t even handle your basic gay/lesbian/bisexual patient when itu2019s been well established that being gay/lesbian/bisexual is a normal variation of human sexuality, so itu2019s important to find someone open-minded and who doesnu2019t let their personal beliefs interfere with your life and your mental health.

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Literally anything chocolate will have my mouth watering, but if I had to pick just one, Iu2019d have to say Oreo cupcakes.