Does Geisinger accept UnitedHealthcare insurance?

UnitedHealthcare Provider phone number

Like most health care providers, Geisinger lists accepted insurance plans on its website.

You can find the page at this link: $nameThe only United plans I see on that page are United Behavioral Health and United Concordia Companies, which may or may not be related to United Healthcare.

Theres also a phone number you can call to make sure: 800-640-4206.

,Its usually better to approach this question from the other direction, and consult the provider directory provided by the plan.

aarp united healthcare/providers

Short answer: Yes.

$627 million (for United Healthcare products, not just MA plans).

,The rest of it:,United Healthcare pays AARP a u201clicensing feeu201d for marketing their Medicare contracted plans and Medicare Supplemental plans under the AARP name.

They have had a relationship since 1997.

Several estimates say that AARP gets more than 50 percent of its revenue from royalties from the sale of UnitedHealthcare Group products.

,AARP also receives commissions and licensing fees from The Hartford, who sells property and casualty insurance (home and auto) as the endorsed company for these coverages.

They have other licensing arrangements as well, which is generally treated as an endorsement.

The implication is that these companies are good, right down to when you click on the link for information, it says u201cYoull leave AARPu00ae Official Site -and go to the website of a trusted provider.

u201d,It is implied and sometimes stated that seniors are getting a better deal when they buy the United or Hartford plans.

However, most premiums for medical plans (Medicare Advantage) are strictly regulated, and cannot be better or worse just because of an association with an insurance broker, which many charge is how AARP operates in this arrangement.

AARP can say that their chosen vendor(s) must offer something special, perhaps in benefits, so AARP branded products may have unique features.

,There have been several lawsuits claiming that AARP is receiving commissions on the United Healthcare plans (4.

95% has been alleged).

If so, that must be disclosed to the consumer.

At present, it does not appear to be.

,This is information about some of the legal activity.

,UnitedHealth, AARP hit with another lawsuit over co-branded Medigap plansThis following link is an opinion piece from a couple weeks ago.

It alleges that not only is United a cash cow for AARP, but AARP has been taking lobbying positions that benefit the insurers - not their senior citizen members.

Remember the talk about pharmacy rebates going to the patient, instead of the pharmacy benefits managers or insurance companies? Where did that proposal go? This article says: u201c AARP opposed a new mechanism to ensure that patients receive the benefit of rebates from drugmakers rather than have them gobbled up by PBMs like OptumRx and their parent company - UnitedHealth.

u201d,Opinion: Not What the Doctor OrderedThe lawsuits have been roaming around the court system for well over 10 years.

There has not been any final decision yet on whether anything illegal or unethical is going on with the royalties vs.

commissions debate.

AARP Medicare Advantage UnitedHealthcare

Hello!,I can help you with thatu2026,The answer is yes.

Itu2019s a corporate trap, especially for the most vulnerable ones.

The elderlyu2026,Giant insurance companies like UnitedHealthcare are advertising to the elderly in an attempt to lure them from Traditional Medicare (TM) to the so-called Medicare Advantage (MA)u2014a corporate plan that UnitedHealthcare promotes to turn a profit at the expense of enrollees.

,Almost one third of all elderly over 65 are enrolled in these numerous, complex MA policies the government pays so much for monthly.

The health insurance industry wants more enrollees as they continue to press Congress for more advantages.

,Medical Disadvantage would be a more accurate name for the programs, as insurance companies push to corporatize all of Medicare, yet keep the name for the purposes of marketing, deception, and confusion.

,Elderly people enrolled in MA will experience its often merciless denials when they get sick.

As hospital expertu2014attorney, physician, Dr.

Fred Hyde put it: u201cItu2019s not just what you pay, itu2019s what you get.

u201d,Start with the cross-subsidy of MA from TM.

In 2009, the Congressional Budget Office estimated these overpayments would cost the federal government $157 billion over the coming decade.

Obamau2019s Affordable Care Act started to reduce these subsidies to the giant insurers, but they still amount to many billions of dollars per year.

,Add that with Medicare Disadvantage you are restricted to networks of vendors.

That restricts your choice for competence and skills, and sometimes, requires you to travel longer distances for treatment.

This could mean fewer enrollees will utilize their healthcare and more profits for the insurance companies.

,Under Medicare Disadvantage you are subject to all kinds of differing plans, maddening trapdoor fine print, and unclear meaning to the insurers arguing no u201cmedical necessityu201d when youu2019re denied care.

,The advertisements for Medicare Disadvantage stress that you can sometimes get perksu2014gym memberships, hearing aids, and eyeglasses, as enticements, but they avoid telling you they are not so ready to cover serious needs like skilled nursing care for critically ill patients.

,Under Medicare Disadvantage, there is no Medigap coverage as there is for TM.

Co-pays and deductibles can be large.

Under a recent Humana Medicare Advantage Plan in Florida, your co-pay for an ambulance is up to $300, up to $100 co-pay for lab services, and another $100 for outpatient x-rays.

,A few years ago, UnitedHealthcare corporations dismissed thousands of physicians from their MA networks, sometimes immediately, sometimes telling their patients before telling their physicians.


Arthur Vogelman, a gastroenterologist, said he received a termination letter in 2013 from UnitedHealthcare.

He appealed, documenting his successful treatment of many patients.

The company denied his appeal, with no reason, as it had for thousands of network physicians.


Vogelman called it u201can outrage.

I have patients in their 80s and 90s who have been with me 20 years, and Iu2019m having to tell them that their insurer wonu2019t pay for them to see me anymore.

The worst thing is I canu2019t even tell them why.

u201d Except that the company wanted more profits.

,After a lengthy protest by national and state medical societies in 2013, UnitedHealthcare began to be less aggressively dismissive.

,Studies show the main reason MA enrollees return to TM is how badly the corporate insurers treated them when they became sick.

,Medicare itself is getting overly complex.

But nothing like the ever changing corporate rules, offerings, and restrictions of Medicare Disadvantage.

How strange it is that AARP, with its Medigap insurance business run by UnitedHealthcare, doesnu2019t advise its members to go with the obviously superior Traditional Medicare.

AARP reportedly receives a commission of 4.

95% for new enrollees on top of the premiums the elderly pay for the Medigap policy from United Healthcare.

This moneyu2014about seven hundred million dollars a yearu2014is a significant portion of AARPu2019s overall budget.

,AARP responded to my inquiries into their Medicare Advantage policy saying that it does not recommend one plan over another, leaving it to the uninformed or misinformed consumer.

Thatu2019s one of AARPu2019s biggest cop-outsu2014they know the difference.

,There is no space here to cover all the bewildering ins and outs of what corporations have done to so-called managed Medicare and managed Medicaid.

That task is for full-time reporters.

The government does estimate a staggering $60 billion in billing fraud annually just on Medicareu2014manipulating codes, phantom billing, etc.

You need the equivalent of a college-level course just to start figuring out all the supposed offerings and gaps.

,Suffice it to say that, in the words of Eleanor Laise, senior editor of Kiplingeru2019s Retirement Report, u201cthe evidence on health care access and quality decidedly favors original Medicare over Medicare Advantage, according to a Kaiser Family Foundation review of 40 studies published between 2000 and 2014.

u201d,All this anxiety, dread, and fear, all these arbitrary denials of careu2014prompted by a pay-or-die commercial profit motiveu2014all these restrictions of what doctors or hospitals you can go to, do not exist in Canada.

All Canadians have a Medicare card from birth; they have free choice of health care vendors.

There are few American-style horror stories there; patients have better outcomes, and almost never even see a bill.

The whole universal system costs half per capita of that in the U.


, where over 80 million people are uninsured or underinsuredu2014still! (See singlepayeraction.

org, for civic action to rid Americans of this perverse chaos).

AARP Medicare Advantage

AARP Medicare Advantage plans are administered through United Health Care.

As with most Advantage plans, the coverage for glasses follows the standard Medicare dictum of u201cone pair only, and only after cataract surgeryu201d.

Routine eyeglasses are not covered.

,However, many Advantage plans allow you to add additional riders (i.


dental, optical, etc.

) at an additional fixed monthly premium.

AARP/UHC should be able to give you the information about obtaining additional optical coverage.