Can I use coconut oil for cooking?

Is coconut oil good for cooking

Coconut oil because if its high smoke point means it can be heated to a high temperature without burning much like peanut oil.

You can use coconut oil in any recipe you choose but because of its coconut taste its use is usually limited to cakes, sweets and curries.

How to eat coconut oil for weight loss

Coconut oil is most effective when it replaces less healthy fats in the diet, rather than being added on top of the fat youre currently consuming.

Taking about 2 tablespoons daily seems to be the best strategy for optimizing health.

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,Coconut oil is from the dried fruit (nut) of the coconut palm tree.

Although its called an oil, its essentially solid at room temperature, more like the texture and consistency of vegetable shortening.

Coconut oil is nearly 100 percent fat, and 82 to 92 percent of that is saturated fat.

One tablespoon of coconut oil contains 11 grams of saturated fat.

,Although eating coconut oil in moderation isnt going to result in great harm to your health, its not likely to help you lose weight either.

If you enjoy the flavor of coconut oil, use it sparingly as part of an overall healthy dietary pattern.

For successful, long-term weight loss, stick to the basics u2014 regular physical activity and an overall calorie-controlled, healthy-eating plan rich in fruits, vegetables and other plant products.

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