What is something that INTPs can excel at that is unlikely?

Kimchi recipe without Gochujang paste

For me, itu2019s cooking.

I wouldnu2019t associate the skill with typical INTP traits.

Itu2019s practical.

It involves precise measurements often.

It involves learning specific techniques.

That you do with your hands.

*gasp*,What I find appealing about cooking:,-enables me to be more self-sufficient,-involves learnable patterns/methods (i.


butter, flour, and milk/broth will make a thick sauce; sear meats on a hot pan at high temperatures to brown them before lowering the heat),-is necessarily logical (because of the above).

Recipes proceed in order and steps compound upon one another to create a finished product,-tests the mind by requiring multiple things to be happening at once (and using different temperatures and times for various steps),-emphasizes regional/cultural/identity differences (i.


use parsley, rosemary, basil, oregano and garlic for Italian recipes; use thyme, lime, allspice, scallions and scotch bonnet peppers for Jamaican cooking, use kimchi, mirin, soy sauce, and gochujang for Korean cooking, etc, etc, etc.

),-also emphasizes international similarities or past shared history (most cultures have a rice dish, a dumpling dish, because of the Diaspora there are strange, random similarities between African cooking and Caribbean cooking and because of various wars and conflicts between China and Japan and Korea elements of the different cuisines overlap there as well),-requires creativity and flexibility, which INTPs have in spades.

Mixing flavors and substituting new, interesting ingredients for old tired ones is one of my favorite parts of the process,-shows love and respect for other people without being too stupidly sappy about it.

Where the recipe came from, the person who wrote it down, and the people youu2019re cooking for, even if that person is just yourself