Is lava the hottest thing on Earth?

Is lava the hottest thing on Earth

I think your question needs to be more specific.

u201cIs lava the hottest naturally occurring heat source on Earthu201d? Lava and u201con the Earthu201d pretty much fixes the question to heat sources above the ground, as opposed to magma which is the proper description for molten rock below the surface of the Earth.

,Temperatures of most magmas are in the range 700 u00b0C to 1300 u00b0C (or 1300 u00b0F to 2400 u00b0F), Magma - WikipediaI just learned about this myself, see: 5 Differences Between Lava and Magma u2013 DifferenceCampOtherwise man made heat sources could be included in your original question.

The Hottest man made reaction is? see: CERN scientists may have set new man-made heat record: 9.

9 trillion degrees FahrenheitI just learned this as well.

So, in a way your question was a good one for me because I knew that tungsten has the highest melting point for the elements at standard pressures i.


one atmosphere, melting at 3422 u00b0C (6192 u00b0F, 3695 K).

source: Tungsten - Wikipedia This is twice as hot as magma usually gets.

,The iron core of the Earth is about 9 thousand degrees F.

Why is the earths core so hot? And how do scientists measure its temperature?Did I give you the correct answer you were actually looking for?