Does garlic butter shrimp pasta sound good to you?

Garlic butter shrimp pasta

Yes, it does sound good.

,Iu2019ve made many pasta dishes with shrimp, but I rarely use butter in the recipes, since Iu2019m generally using olive oil.

,For tasty-sounding variety, though, I might give this a try.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Garlic butter frozen shrimp Costco

Probably, about 3 weeks.

I tend to stock up when frequently used items go on sale, so my pantry and 2 refrigerator/freezers are always full.

,Usually there are 3 bags (2 pounds each) of raw, deveined, shell-on shrimp, several packages of chicken parts, ground beef, ham steaks and flank steak in the freezer, plus several bags of frozen fruit chunks (for smoothies), frozen chopped spinach, potato puffs, pierogis, ice cream, 4 pounds of unsalted butter quarters and other miscellaneous items.

,In the refrigerators, I always keep 2 dozen eggs, 2 gallons of milk, lots of juice and green tea with mango, a few packages of low-sodium bacon, lots of different cheeses, cream cheese, sour cream, spreadable butter, many bottles of condiments and sauces, fresh vegetables and fruits, onions and garlic, almond flour, pecans and packages of yeast.

,In the pantry, there are 20 pound bags of rice (2 types), boxes of dried pasta and bags of dried noodles, several bags of flour and sugar, canned tuna and chopped clams, canned tomato puree, boxed chicken and beef broth, couscous, quinoa, grits, canned peaches, boxes of dry cereal, large containers of peanut butter (from Costco), lots of baking supplies, honey, pancake syrup, and plenty of canola oil and olive oil.

,If we needed to be quarantined right now, we would run out of fresh milk and fresh vegetables and fruit first.

There are a few containers of shelf-stable milk and evaporated milk for emergencies.

,I cook every day and I am a bit obsessive in buying things on sale, as I hate to pay full price for things that go on special routinely.

Cooked frozen shrimp recipes

If they are raw frozen shrimp chevieche is my standby dish.

Coconut Thai chili shrimp are delightful too!,If they are cooked frozenu2026adding them last minute to a warm spinach salad or a stir fry, even pasta dish are my go to dishes.

,Shrimp are a bit like chickenu2026very versatile!