What are some great healthy recipes that are easy to prepare with the help of a food processor?

Healthy food processor recipes

You can make hummus in food processor, tabboli salad, Mexican salsa, or tomato sauce for spaghetti, you can grind meat to make tacos or taco salad, or bean grind taco.

You can grind cheese soft and cook on stove to make cheese sauce.

You can make garlic sauce, shawarma sauce, mayonnaise.

Look up any recipes of listed above on how to do them on you tube.

Food processor recipes Indian

I was in an Indian restaurant in Vancouver when the following exchange took place after I placed my order:,Turbanned waiter with impeccably British accent: Would you like that mild, medium or hot sir?,Me (I still have a residual British accent): Oh u201chotu201d I think,Waiter: Would that be u201cCanadian hotu201d or u201cBritish hotu201d sir?,Food is way spicier in the UK than in Canada or, especially, the US.

What passes for Thai food here is some of the blandest stuff I have ever eaten.

The only part of the US that has even somewhat spicy food is Lousiana.

Tex-Mex is for pussies.

,Seriously, thereu2019s a long tradition of using spices in English cooking that goes way back before even the influence of people coming back from India.

Take a look at recipes from the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries.

Itu2019s true that certain weird aspects of Victorian social life undercut that (spicy food was not suitable for women or children) and the sheer dullness of the cuisine imposed by rationing in two world wars also had an effect.

But older patterns have reasserted themselves since the 1960s or so.

,In the US and Canada by contrast the big food processors very successfully persuaded people that refined and processed was u201cbestu201d and that old world food was unsophisticated.

Why eat a spicy goulash made from scratch when you can make a sophisticated moulded dish from canned tuna and lime Jello? (my late mother-in-law was born to Hungarian immigrants and she could basically only cook from cans) Itu2019s getting better but thereu2019s a way to go.