What are some vegan vegetable soup recipes?

Best cream of mushroom soup recipe

There are lots of recipes out there, but most of my personal favorites contain cashew cream or coconut milk to give it some extra richness! These are some of the best comforting, filling, and satisfying vegan soup recipes:

Best mushroom soup recipe

If you dont have knowledge about wild ones, I cant possibly discribe or explain it.

Whatever is sold in markets is technically speaking manufactured.

Has nothing to do with the nature.

Cycled year around.

Has nothing to do with real mushrooms.


Whatever you have in mind - as mushroom soup from market, I would consider portabello cups.

Big ones.

Preparation takes a lot of chopping and some shredding.

Well, I would take large pot, splash some vegetable oil in it, heat it and put chopped onions in it first, after couple minutes add chopped portobello mushrooms, some crushed red peppers- few flakes, and liquid aminos for saltines.

Let it roast at high temperature for about five minutes, add water and get it to boiling.

Add shredded potatoes, buckwheat or rolled oats - whatever is simplier to get.

Get it to boiling point again, reduce the heat to low and let it simmer for another twenty minutes.

It is kind of vegetarian version.

My favorite I would cook with meat.

And real mushrooms.

Proportions would be - one part of onions, two parts of mushrooms, meat is optional, one part of shredded potatoes, one part of buckwheat or rolled oats for exchange.

Parts are going by volume.

Cup for cup.

Here are bunch of varieties.

You have to figure out your own favorite mushroom soup.

Lets say, water might be replaced by milk or heavy cream - you would have different consistency and taste.

I dont believe in recipes.

Ingredients are changing constantly.

I go with common sense.

Thanks for asking.

Best wishes.