What process do FMCG companies follow to hire candidates for summer internshipsfinal placements from top B-Schools in India?

market segmentation, targeting and positioning ppt

The longer version of this answer is available here - How to get a Marketing Internship or Job at IIMs?Shortlisting ProcessMarketing companies can get really creative when it comes to the screening process.

The most common steps are:,CV ShortlistingGroup DiscussionFinal InterviewAll the rounds are elimination rounds.

However, some companies insert multi-fold screening rounds in between the above-listed.

Some of those rounds can be:,Psychometric TestAptitude TestOne-Slider PPTHRQs SubmissionVideo Cover LetterSince these are rare exceptions, lets talk about the basic 3 steps in more detail and see how you can prepare for them to land a marketing internship or job.

,CV ShortlistingIf youre a regular reader of my blog, you would have gone through the CV format we use at IIM-A by now.

If not, Id suggest you go through it once as it will make the subsequent points clearer to you.

,A marketing firm doesnt bother about your past academic scores as much as finance or consulting firm does.

That is why, most students at IIMs have this notion that if you wish to get into marketing, you need not worry about your grades.

At the same time, youre also not required to elect marketing subjects to get into a marketing role.

This is a point I have clarified earlier in the post on specializations at IIMs.

,If you notice carefully, the CV format that Ive shared has 2 main components: Buckets and Spikes.

,Buckets refer to the different portions of the CV: Academics, Co-Curricular, Internships & Work Experience, Positions of Responsibility, Extra-Curricular.

,Spikes refer to the extra-ordinary achievements that add value to your candidature.

,As a marketing enthusiast, you must have a Balanced CV.

A balanced CV has a fair amount of spikes in all the buckets.

This means that the student is an all-rounder and has diverse achievements to reflect in all buckets.

,You may not be an expert of a particular area, but youve got yourself involved in all sorts of activities ranging from hosting competitions in your college to representing your institution in a competition.

The more variety your CV reflects, the better.

,At the same time, if you have bits and pieces of marketing linked in your past accolades, it counts as a positive.

For example, if you have done some marketing certifications, it shows your interest to the interviewer.

,If youre aiming for a marketing role, the best way to build your profile is to use this CV format (a downloadable doc version is available in the link shared earlier), fill in your achievements and see which buckets are comparatively empty.

For example, if you feel your work-ex is not sufficient, take up some internships.

,Group DiscussionI wont lie when I tell you that GDs were not my strength.

In fact, Mondelez was one of the only top marketing firms which shortlisted me after the GD round because it had a marketing GD.

However, theres a lot Ive learnt about GDs since that point, so there are a couple of things I can share with you.

,There are three broad kinds of GDs:,Abstract GDs: These GDs have no base, theyre open-ended and look for creativity on the part of candidates.

For example, Nice men finish last.

In order to prepare for these GDs, one must look at models like PESTEL and SCAMPER (explained here) to think from multiple perspectives.

,Current Affairs GDs: These GDs are generally not too specific but one needs to be well versed with the happenings around the world in order to perform well in them.

For example, Banking regulations are flawed in India.

The best strategy to prepare for them is to create a repository of facts/opinions on the latest topics.

This process has been explained in-depth here.

Always give 1-2 quality points in such GDs backed by solid figures and facts.

,Marketing GDs: In these GDs, often a product and a target segment is defined.

The company asks you to create a go-to-market (GTM) strategy for the product.

For example, Perk wants to target the urban children between 13 to 17 years of age group in India, how should it begin? Most students go after using the STP and 4Ps models for such problem statements.

My strategy was a bit different.

I used 2C1P (Customer, Competitor and Product).

Please note that such a model doesnt exist, I just named it using the acronyms.

The idea was to think of the product, its customers and its competitors and then combine any 2 of these at a time to arrive at a strategic idea (an insight if you may call it).

For example, Perk (Product) is glucose-based energy chocolate and the urban demographic of children defined (Customer) is known to attend tuition classes back to back which drains energy.

So, by combining these two, you arrive at an insight - Position it as an energy bar between your tuition breaks.

Like this, you should think of some solid insights and then back them up with creative ideas on how to implement.

,Final InterviewThere are three broad kinds of questions which can be asked in a marketing interview:,HRQs: Human Resource Questions constitute the most part of a marketing interview.

The interviewer is always trying to assess your soft skills, your ability to lead teams, work in groups, talk to customers, retailers, salesmen, etc.

Marketing interviews are all about stories, so if you are able to narrate the most important stories of your life to your interviewer, it seals the deal.

Each answer of yours should point at a value that you live by and that the company also appreciates.

Heres a 3-step approach on how to prepare such answers.

Ad Analysis: Ive already written a detailed post on what ad analysis is and how to go about practising it.

Generally, marketing companies ask the candidates to look at an ad for 2 minutes and then evaluate its efficacy.

One can easily do that using the approach shared it the post.

It is always better to prepare the ad analysis of the famous brands of the marketing company youre interviewing with in advance.

,Guesstimates: These are similar to the guesstimates asked in consulting interviews.

For example, Estimate the number of SKUs in a small Kirana Store.

I would suggest you go through the preparation material used in consulting and refer to Aadityas videos on guesstimates.

Just practice a couple of them and youll get used to the knack of solving them.

,With this, we come to an end of the interview process as well.

If you make it so far and get selected, be ready to get spoiled by your company.

Marketing firms are known to be too generous, sometimes:

market segmentation, targeting and positioning of coca cola

Did you know that Coca Cola has launched one of its $1 billion brand - Fuze - in India recently.

But then why are they not launching the extremely popular Indian brand Thums Up in other markets?,----- -----,Let us come to that, but I noticed something which I want to share.

The other day I was browsing through the Coca Colas website (Did I tell you that I love their website? Oh, may be some other day.

) and found this wonderful story - 9 popular brands you didnt know Coke owned, and guess what, Thums Up was one of them.

,But then the article is up on the global website of Coca Cola and is meant for their worldwide audience.

,So if Coca Cola recognizes it to be a popular brand then why dont they sell it in other markets.

?In my opinion, it is one thing to launch a new brand of a relatively new product and a completely different ball game to launch a new brand of a fairly well known product and in this case, it is a cola drink which is found everywhere.

,Let us see some challenges which Coca Cola would probably face if it decides to launch Thums Up in a different market.


Yet another cola brand for you.

Hello People.

From the house of Coca Cola, we bring another amazing cola drink.

It is called Thums Up and if you taste it, you might feel as if you are tasting the thunder.

How amazing is that!!,And people would be like.




,Another Cola Drink? What happened to Coca Cola.

Are you going to remove it from the market?,Taste the thunder.

What the heck.

You go and taste the thunder!! Cant you guys come up with a better tagline.

,Basically, in any foreign market which would probably be already flooded with at least two major cola drinks, Coca-Cola and Pepsi, it would be really difficult to find a place for Thums Up.

At the end of the day, it is just another cola drink.

,The fact that it comes from the house of Coca Cola, would make people confused as to why are they selling another cola drink.

,These days I am wondering what exactly is the difference between Diet Coke and Coke Zero.

It seems they are targeting Coke Zero towards women, but not quite sure.


Thums Up, really?Hello People, Coca Cola is going to launch another cola brand.

Its called Thums Up.

,And people would be like.



,Thums Up? Are you sure you spelled it correctly.

,Why are you showing a thumb and calling it a thum?,In India, the story of the spelling of the brand is a legend it itself and no one knows for sure why is it spelled that way.

,But if Coca Cola is to launch this elsewhere, I am sure they would put in lots of thought into whether they need to change the spelling or not.


Cannibalization of CokeDid you know that when Coca Cola came into India and bought Thums Up from the house of Parle Group, they wanted to kill the brand.

They stopped all advertising and stopped distribution of the product.

,Soon, however, they realized their mistake.

,The people who were ardent fans of Thums Up, moved to rival brand Pepsi instead of going to Coca Cola.

And then the company decided, considering the latent demand and love for the brand, and to keep the market share away from Pepsi, they decided to continue selling Thums Up in India.

,Now, if Coca Cola decides to launch Thums Up in any other market, it would be huge challenge to move people from Pepsi to Thums Up instead of having people move from Coca Cola to Thums Up.

If the latter happens, it would just be a clean case of one brand of a company eating into the sales of another brand by the same company.

Not good, you see.

,Let us now look at the most recent product which Coca Cola has launched in India.

,Fuze Iced TeaSo, now let us see why Coca Cola has decided to launch this product in India, which is already a $1 billion brand for the company.


Competing with Pepsi against in the same segmentHindustan Unilever, currently in a partnership with Pepsi, sells Lipton Ice Tea which is a fairly popular brand.

Currently Coca Cola has no offering in the iced tea segment and they want a slice of this pie.


Diversifying its portfolioIn India, Coca Cola is primarily into aerated drinks which is significantly impacted by seasonality.

Sales of the product goes down during the winter months in north India.

Also, consumption of tea, albeit iced, is not considered as seasonal.

,And by getting into non-aerated category, Coca Cola is banking to reduce the risk associated with seasonality of soft drinks and also expanding its portfolio into healthier drinks segment.

,So all in all, launching a new product in a market, is never quite just about the brand.

Most people, and probably even Coca Cola, would consider Thums Up also to be another cola drink.

The fact that the positioning of the Thums Up and Coke is very different in India may not be easily replicated in a foreign market.

,Further Reading:Do you know about this truck driver for Coca Cola who went on to become the president of the company and finally, the president of his country?Also, something about Free Basics?,Should I support Facebooks Free Basics in India?

Market segmentation, targeting and positioning notes

It is the based on the STP of marketing.

Segmentation, targeting and positioning.

Based on my assumption, the following would be the expansion of the names,KUV: Kool utility vehicle,It focuses on the millennial generation.

Cost price between 5u20137 lakhs and loaded with features with looks focused on young people.

,TUV: Tough Utility vehicle,It focuses on people who want to have a tough vehicle as it is based on tank design as claimed by Mahindra.

,XUV: Xtra Utility vehicle,It focuses on people who want to buy a premium product with features of an SUV.

,Note: It is only an assumption and not the correct information.

How market segmentation, targeting and positioning are interrelated

Segmentation, targeting, and positioning are all related to each other in that they all help a company better understand its customers and how to market to them.

Segmentation is the process of dividing a market into smaller groups of customers who have something in common.

Targeting is the process of selecting which segments a company will focus on.

Positioning is how a company wants to be perceived by its target customers.

Difference between segmentation, targeting and positioning

In the simplest terms:,Segmentation is a lens that helps you understand different types of customers based on how they use your product,Targeting is a decision to give one segment a priority over other segments,Positioning is the effort to associate a brand with a concept in the mind of the customerI published this video a few years back on this exact topic.

In it I use an various examples including precisely a bank.

I hope you find it useful