What do you enjoy most about Halloween?

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Halloween has always been in my top three favorite Holidays.

,Women Dressed Up As Witches On Halloween - Image Courtesy Of Hairboutique - All Rights ReservedWhat I enjoy most about Halloween includes, but isnu2019t limited to, the following:,Anyone from infants to adults of any age, race, ethnic background or culture can dress up in any costume which gives them the ability to temporarily be anyone they want to be.

nnHopefully the costumes are culturally, racially and ethnically appropriate to avoid offending anyone.

,Itu2019s a magical night of scary good fun where fantasy and fabulous treats are available to enjoy.

,The costumed Trick R Treaters are fun to greet and guess who theyu2019re dressed up as when they ring the doorbell waiting for their treats.

,Halloween Peeps made to look like pumpkins, black cats, monsters and ghosts.

,Peeps Marshmallow Candy In Special Halloween Designs - Amazon - All Rights ReservedSome houses in the neighborhood are decked out with an assortment of amazing decorations ranging from shimmering orange and black lights to multi-colored pumpkins, ghosts, witches, bats, ravens and an array of goblins.

,Elaborate jack-ou2019-lanterns with amazing carvings and an array of lights or votive candles tucked inside.

,Halloween parties with costume contests and historic pranks and games.

,Creepy makeup.

,Candy Apples - Image Courtesy Of Hairboutique - All Rights ReservedRed, caramel, chocolate and other types of yummy candied apples.

,Bobbing for apples, a beloved Halloween tradition.

,Popcorn balls.

,Super scary Halloween movies featuring all types of scary monsters.

,White Cobwebs - Image Courtesy Of Hairboutique - All Rights ReservedEndless spans of white cobwebs covering front porches, doorways and fences strung around the neighborhood.

,Mummies made out of carved white gourds or white painted pumpkins and an array of pumpkin art.

,Witches, warlocks, devils, demons, ghosts, goblins, zombies and other super scary creatures famous for appearing on Halloween.

,Haunted houses with all types of scary visitors popping out when you least expect them.

,Haunted House - Image Courtesy Of Hairboutique - All Rights ReservedScary howling and screaming sounds from decorated neighborhood houses.

,Yummy chocolate and orange cupcakes or other desserts made to look like Halloween eyes of newt, spiders, bats or similar creatures.

,Full sized Halloween candy bars including Snickers, Reeseu2019s peanut butter cups, Hershey bars, M&Ms, Kit Kats, Butterfingers, Tootsie Rolls and any candy bar with peanuts, almonds or creamy caramel centers.

,Rice Krispies Treats(R) decorated with orange and black M&Ms or Reeseu2019s pieces.

,Zombie Walk - Image Courtesy Of Hairboutique - All Rights ReservedSponsored Zombie walks with lots of growling, moaning and snarling people covered in fake blood walking with their heads cocked to one side and their arms held in spooktacular positions.

,Orange and black nail polish, nails painted black featuring spooky spider webs or even tiny white ghosts.

,Halloween parades complete with decorated floats and delicious treats thrown by costumed attendants.

,Special events at Six Flags or similar entertainment parks like Disney.

,Apple Cider - Image Courtesy Of Hairboutique - All Rights ReservedHot apple cider.

,Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte.

,Spooky music.

,Halloween pranks of all types.

,Television series with special Halloween themed tricks and themes.

,Scariest selfies ever.

,Finally, what could be better than having a good reason to eat my fill of Snickers and all my other favorite Halloween candy.