What kinds of foods work best in an Instant Pot, and which foods donu2019t end up as appetizing?

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Instant Pot medium-boiled eggs

Where the Instant Pot shines:nMy Instant Pot replaced an expensive Tiger automatic rice cooker, so the first thing I cooked with it was sushi rice.

The popular Japanese-style cookers also cook rice under pressure (albeit less pressure than an Instant Pot), therefore I expected the results to be nearly identical.

They were u2014 I donu2019t think I can tell a difference.

,Boiled Eggs are goof-proof.

There is no green sulfured ring around the yolks of hard boiled eggs, and they are easy to peel.

The instant pot can also do soft boiled eggs and ajitsuke tamago u2014 the u201cmedium boiledu201d marinated eggs commonly served with Ramen.

,Every batch of yogurt is always set properly, even on the longer 24-hour fermentation cycle.

I have never had to toss a batch.

,Dishes that are intended for slow cooking or simmering, including bone broth and meat sauces, do very well in the Instant Pot.

It functions as a traditional slow cooker as well as a pressure cooker.

,Where the Instant Pot can be a decent compromise:Chilis or stews can be made in 30 minutes without defrosting the meat.

Defrosting and browning the meat before stewing it does impart a better flavor, due to the Maillard Reaction, but cooking it from its frozen state can still result in an enjoy able dish u2014 especially on a busy evening.

Should one want to brown their meat first, The Instant Pot has a saute feature so all the cooking can be done in one pot.

,Some people like to cook a whole chicken in the Instant Pot u2014 the chicken is fork tender in less than 30 minutes of cooking.

I have some friends who swear by it, but this has not been my favorite.

,Where the Instant Pot fails:Creamy dishes, regardless of whether the food contains dairy.

Tom Kha Gai is a Thai soup made with coconut milk and lemon grass.

I tried cooking this under pressure and the results were disasterous.

The taste was horrible, and it left me with a terrible mess to clean up.

A chowder would not be recommended.

I think the manual forewarns of this as well.

,Some types of fish dishes are not well-suited to being cooked in the Instant Pot, due to precise timing involved.

Fish isnu2019t typically steamed or simmered.

,Dim Sum, however, works quite well.

A 7u2033 bamboo steamer easily fits in to the 6 quart pot.

,Thanks for asking!