What are some funny jokes about the difference between men and women?

How to make paper basket step by step with pictures

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How to make a basket out of construction paper

I think of seven:,The pipe wrench:,Invented by Daniel Stillson in Boston in the mid to late 1870s at the Walworth Manufacturing Company whose founder, James Walworth brought steam heating to America.

The Stillson wrench is almost identical to what it looked like when it was first invented.

Walworth put the first central heating in the White House.

The pipe wrench is still a primary plumbing tool.

,The Paper Bag,Invented in Boston by a woman named Margaret Knight in the mid to late 1800s.

Before the paper bag people used cardboard envelopes or baskets.

The paper bag made shopping very convenient and one of its first major uses was for hiding menstrual pads invented in Germany by the Paul Hartmann company around 1870 and copied by Johnson and Johnson.

Women were required to hide them in a paper bag.

You can still see the first paper bag manufacturing machine at the Museum of Industry in Waltham, Ma and sometimes they still turn it on and it makes paper bags.

,Granulated Sugar,Granulated sugar was invented in Boston at the Boston Sugar Refinery in the mid-1800s.

Until that time, sugar came in various sized cones and required pieces being broken off by a pair of heavy duty scissors called u201csugar nippersu201d then pounded into powder in a sugar box.

Granulated sugar changed how sugar was used throughout the world.

The American Sugar Refinery was the first company to be broken up by Teddy Rooseveltu2019s anti-trust efforts.

,The Shrader Valve,The Shrader Valve was invented in NYC in 1891 by August Shrader.

It is actually a very complex device with a poppet valve and a spring inside to hold the air in while allowing the air to be inserted,The Chain Handcuff,There are three types of handcuffs: the rigid handcuff, the hinged handcuff and the chain handcuff.

The chain handcuff was invented in Boston by James Carney in 1912.

The patent was purchased by the Peerless Company who is still the biggest maker of handcuffs in the world, followed by Smith and Wesson.

,Toilet Paper,Toilet paper was invented in 1857 in Boston by Joseph Gaetty but manufactured in NYC.

It was more like what we call u201cbaby wipesu201d now and came in aloe-covered, square sheets like wet wipes.

However, it took off like wildfire.

A few years later, the Scott Brothers in Canada put it on a roll and the world has never looked back.

Gaetty lost his billion-dollar company in 1900 in a bad bar bet and it went out of business in the 1920s when Northern Tissue came up with the motto u201cNow! Splinter Free!u201d.

Not having a splinter dig into your ass when you wipe is probably a powerful selling feature.

,The Track Bike,Bicycling changed the entire world when it emerged in the mid 1800s in Europe.

It also changed the US.

It became the biggest, most sought after sport in history.

Cities spent fortunes building velodromes to watch the races - and the spectacular crashes with the riders were often crippled or died.

Bicyling changed the world because it created powerful organizations that demanded paved streets.

The first bikes had huge wheels to overcome the potholes and bad roads but as the roads improved, so did the bikes, But u201ctrack bikesu201d as bikes designed for velodromes are called remained static in their design.

They have one gear.

They have no brakes.

This was done so that the times and records across the year could be equivalent.

The goal is to measure the performance of the athlete, not the advancement of the technology.

Therefore, there is a purity in the sport that makes the machine secondary to the man and in order to be able to compare times over the years, the bike has remained largely the same.

,The Iron Shovel,The Iron Shovel was invented in Boston in 1774 by Captain John Ames outside Boston and the Ames Plow Company is still a major concern in making shovels and farming implements.

The Ames family owned the biggest mansion in downtown Boston until 1986.

It took up most of a city block on Commonwealth Ave at the foot of Beacon Hill.

It is now 12 luxurious condos.

The Ames went on to finance and manage the construction of the first transcontinental railroad.

By 1900, 80 percent of all the shovels sold in the entire world were Ames Plow shovels.

You can still buy Ames Shovels.

,Baking Powder,Baking Powder was invented by a Boston/Harvard chemist named Ebans Horford in 1860.

It has remained unchanged since he made it.

There were competing products at the time, but his was so superior that it put the others out of business.

Horsford also was the first to make the theory that the Vikings landed first in North America.

,Fluffernutter,Fluffernutter was invented in 1917 outside Boston by a man named Archibald Query.

Not only is the product the same now as it was then, it is still made by the same company.

,The Leaf Spring,The leaf spring, still a common and critical part of almost all motor and other vehicles first appeared in France in about 1650 but the modern version was patented in 1804 in England by Obadiah Eliot.

It has remained unchanged, though often modified, since then.

It has revolutionized travel and made long distance travel over unimproved roads at greater than walking speeds possible.

It is a miracle of utility and simplicity and uses the best steel available.

Today, knife makers often use the leafs to make custom knives because of the high quality of the steel.

Leaf springs never need maintenance, though they can sometimes break under extreme loads.