What is it like to live in Surat?

give at least 10 varieties of egg dishes.

Hello everyone ,I am basically from Jodhpur (Rajasthan) ,have traveled to most of the places in India and from past two years living in SURAT .


!,So I wont be biased and will give some positive and negative aspects.


CLEANLINESS :Surat is one of the cleanest city I have been to, the roads ,railway stations ,highways ,localities everything is very clean.


SMC: Surat Municipal Corporation works really well , there are so many bridges ,gov.

constructions in urban and rural areas , schools ,colleges etc.

They work really well ,whatever the project is, they try to complete it within the time limit.


FOOD: If you are a food lover ,you will definitely love Surat , there are so many great places where you can try variety of local cuisine: locha, dhokla ,khaman ,Gujarati thali , Franky ,Bismillah Shakes,Yadav egg dishes ,Mysore Cafe ,Ice Cream Parlors etc also if you are a non-veg lover you will find a variety of dishes and snacks.


MARKET: Being a Textile Hub you will find all the clothing ,accessories household item brands in the malls ,also there are many local markets where you can get cheap first copies too.


CULTURE: This is one place where you will feel the taste of Modern India along with the taste of Old Style India ,city is developing rapidly but people here are still down to their roots.

Where in your life would you see 10 BMW, VOLVO ,AUDI ,MERCEDES parked along the road and people sitting on road side footpaths enjoying meals with family on a Sunday night.


WOMEN SAFETY: The city is very safe for women , I mean they can easily go out around even its 12:00 am.

Women employment is at its boom in Surat.


PLACES TO VISIT: There is Dumas , Suvali beach anda hill station Saputara nearby Surat.


EMPLOYMENT: There are no of job opportunities for people both in Public and Private sector such as ONGC, GAIL, TORRENT ,RELIANCE ,L&T ,ESSAR ,Diamond industry , chemical industry, Textiles ,Ship Building.


AIRPORT:The city airport is not at all well connected and only have direct flights to Mumbai and Delhi.


TRAFFIC: If you hate traffic then Surat is definitely not for you between 3:00pm to 7:00pm might get stuck in traffic at least once.


DRIVING SENSE: People do not follow driving rules ,majority of them do not wear helmets , kids race up with there flashy bikes and cars on highways and streets.


NO BARS: Well when you are in your 20u2019s you are supposed to enjoy your life , being in dry state there are no Bars,Pubs or good ambiance places to be enjoying a glass of chilled beer with your friends.

(this city is not for youth haha),5.

NO TRAVEL DESTINATION: City does not have tourism ,there are no tourist attraction places nor many people come to visit Surat.


Climate: Weather is nor too hot not cold but level of humidity is extreme ,between May to Aug end level of humidity is between 70% to 85% and cause of this 31 degree feels like 45 degrees.

,I hope this answers is helpful to all.