What is a healthy eating habit you swear by?

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No carb breakfast without eggs

When people think of eating healthy, they think of plain kale, dry chicken breast, and no carbs, fat or fun.

That is SO not true! You can have a diet full of delicious foods that are not only healthy, but sustainable and satisfying!,Hereu2019s some things I try to include in every meal:,-Protein! Any type.

Chicken breast/thigh, fish, eggs, turkey and lean ground beef.

Sometimes tastier ones like pork, steak, sausage.

Protein powder is my go-to in the mornings or if I need an extra boost.

I found one without any sugar (real or fake) and love adding it to things.


Yes, carbs.

Some people might find that they function well on a low-carb diet, but I am not one of those people.

The trick is to eat GOOD carbs in the right amounts.

Whole grain bread (or sourdough), pasta, rice, quinoa, wraps, chickpeas, and for breakfast and dessert, OATS.

Try to have about the same amount of carbs as protein or vegetables.

Balance is key.

,-Vegetables (and fruits).

I try my best to include some type of veggie for lunch and dinner.

When I cook, itu2019s easy to add in whatever veggies I have in the fridge to soups, pasta dishes, etc.

Try making pasta sauce or soup with pureed vegetables, you wonu2019t even notice theyu2019re there! I also like to keep a bag of frozen broccoli in the freezer to quickly add to meals.

I love adding fruits to breakfast and dessert, like bananas, berries, and apples.

,-Healthy fat.


Healthy fats are extremely important for brain and hormone function, and to keep you full! Youu2019ve probably heard of Omega 3s.

Avocados, olive oil, unsweetened yogurt, salmon, nuts, and seeds (flax, sunflower, chia) are great sources.

Experiment with ways to add them to meals! And donu2019t shy away from using delicious fats like cheese and butter sometimes.

Everything in moderation.

,Next time you eat, take inventory of how your body feels afterwards.

Do you feel pleasantly full and energetic, or stuffed and a bit sick? If the latter, you might need to rethink your meal plans.

If you think about how a meal will make you FEEL after, even if it tastes rich and delicious, youu2019re going to be more likely to choose the more wholesome option.

After a while, your body will do this automatically and youu2019ll reach a place where your body will crave balance, and that is worth every step.

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