As a British expat, what British products do you really miss and crave?

Easy drinks to make at home non alcoholic


,Mincemeat (the minced fruit/spices/sugar/peel mixture).

,(Affordable) New Zealand lamb.

(Here, you need a mortgage extension to buy a joint).

Ok not British but readily available in the UK.

,Lamb stock cubes.

(I stock up on each UK visit).

,I too missed crumpets but then discovered how easy they are to make at home.

Visit YouTube channel The Bread Kitchen for more info.

,Bovril crisps (are they still available?).

,Cream Soda (the fizzy drink),Ginger beer (the non alcoholic sort),Stones Ginger Wine.

The state alcohol monopoly said they could order its for me but I would have to order a full case load and I could not sell on the surplus to other people.

,Christmas in a Finland is miserable.

Youre starter is rice porrage (I kid you not) followed by cold ham served with oven baked vegetables such as Swede (the vegetable, not Even) cooked with syrup, grated carrot with rice, cooked in syrup, and potatoes cooked, yes you guessed it, in syrup.

,Im feeling depressed already.