What is the Southeast Asia map?

Southeast Asia map

u201cSoutheast Asia, also spelled South East Asia and South-East Asia, and also known as Southeastern Asia, south-eastern Asia or SEA, is the geographical south-eastern region of Asia, consisting of the regions that are situated south of Mainland China, east of the Indian subcontinent, and north of Australia.

u201d(1),Countries in Southeast Asia.










What is the 11 countries in Southeast Asia

Vietnam: Definitely Russia with their iconic war against the west, and communist ideology,Indonesia: India.

I know we have different religion, but both India and Indonesia is rich in diversity, have similar indospheric culture, and the biggest nation in their region.

,Singapore: Switzerland.

They are rich and try to be as pragmatic as possible.

,Thailand: the UK, perhaps? They still have their monarch and a balance traditional and modern life.

,Cambodia: Poland.

They have pro western Thailand and communist Vietnam as neighbors that somewhat was threatening to them.

,East Timor: A newly independent christian country that was annexed by Indonesia and located between its two giant neighbors with different religion.

They have oil and use it to run the country.

South Sudan I think.

,Laos: Nepal.

A landlocked country, underrated tourism, and dharmic religion.

,Malaysia: Turkey.

A muslim country with quite wealthy population.

And I dont know why but for some reason, I think Mahathir was trying to be Southeast Asian Edorgan?,Brunei: UAE as they are rich from oil and an islamic sultanate,The Philippines: Mexico and those latin countries as they are influenced by the Spain.