My friend buys me cheap presents, usually under u00a35 but expects my friends & I to buy her expensive gifts, even giving us a list. What should I do?

Cheap gifts for friends under $5

The key aspect of gifts is that they are voluntary.

If you donu2019t want to buy an expensive gift for your friendu2026 thenu2026 justu2026 donu2019t.

,Honestly, I never expect anyone to buy me gifts.

Maybe a pint at the pub, or a dinner out on my birthday, but thatu2019s about it.

You are my friend, not an ATM.

Small gift ideas for adults

Something from Bath and Body Works.

They sell the small sized body wash, matching lotion, and scented spray mist.

I use them all the time as gifts, and even took them to Italy as gifts to my cousins there.

They loved them!

Inexpensive Christmas gifts for Ladies

I truly understand.

I would try to create gifts that reflect the persons interests without being expensive.

,If a friend or family member enjoys tea, cocoa or coffee on a wintry day put together a thoughtful gift that reflects this.

Iu2019d shop resale shops now for new to nearly new holiday mugs, teapots or china cups and saucers.

Pretty non seasonal ones are nice too.

Fill each cup first three fourths of the way with tissue.

Then add peppermints, Hersheyu2019s kisses, other seasonal candy, tea bags, cocoa packets, candy canes and wrapped cookies.

Wrap the cup in plastic wrap and add a bow.

You can also add a lovely resale shop china plate full of homemade cookies.

Wrap that up in kitchen plastic wrap too and also add a bow.

I have planted a small plant in a teapot for a friend who loves tea as a gift too.

I found an adorable teapot for 25 cents that was missing a lid at a resale shop.

This lady collected tea pots and loved this.

She still keeps it on her kitchen window sill.

,I have found and bought scarfs, hats and gloves at resale shops, new with tags still attached.

One silk scarf was a dollar in a resale shop, yet had an $80 selling price on the original tag.

I have given those items as gifts to relatives.

I bought a new windshield ice scraper mitt too at a resale shop that my husband still keeps in his car.

When my daughters were teens I found two new purses with tags attached at a resale shop.

I wrapped them up for my girls one Christmas.

My girls really liked them too.

,I have bought new to gently used childrenu2019s books at resale shops.

I have found new toys there too.

I have made a childu2019s gift basket with resale shop childrenu2019s books, coloring books, crayons, hot wheels or a stuffed bear ( all bought at Dollar Tree, a dollar store).

A friend who sews made her grandsons a hot wheel designed, sewing machine made quilt.

The fabric for this project at WalMart was about $5.

The child can put the quilt on the floor and a road design on the quilt lets the child push his car around on the quilt.

There is a dollhouse version of this fabric print too.

I made a teen relative an art supply basket in this same manner using art supplies from a discount store that were on deep clearance.

,I am not as skilled as my friend in sewing, but have made gift fleece fabric blankets and scarves.

Those do not require sewing, are inexpensive and easy to make.

Watch for fabric sales at large fabric and craft stores.

You can make guys scarves in their favorite teams colors.

Instructions for these are on line or at fabric stores.

,I have made wreaths with shells or with dried acorns, pine cones and dried greenery.

The wreath form and glue sticks are your major costs for this project, especially if you live, like me, near an ocean.

,In resale shops too you can also often find inexpensive Christmas ornaments and decorations.

I have bought ceramic lighted Christmas Trees and they were really appreciated gifts.

Costume jewelry, even new jewelry, is also often available in resale shops.

I also make jewelry.

Craft stores like Michaels are helpful for more crafty gift giving ideas.

,Have a wonderful Christmas Season.

Inexpensive Christmas gifts for family

Love Mari-Lynn Flaigu2019s list of ideas.

I remember making salt-dough ornaments as a kid.

,I was going to suggest making throw pillows or blankets/quilts for them out of their/your old clothes or other fabrics.

Cheap but thoughtful Christmas gifts UK

As others have said this phrase can be an example of gaslighting.

,So Iu2019m going to give you an example where it was used properly, without gaslighting.

,Some background first - my Mum is mostly a pleasant person but she has a blind spot when it comes to giving and receiving gifts.

If we give her something she doesnu2019t likeu2026 all hell has been known to break loose (no u201citu2019s the thought that countsu201d here!).

This was especially irritating when my brother and I were at university because weu2019d spend money not only on gifts but also on train travel to get around the UK to see our divorced parents and their partneru2019s.

Think Bath to Birmingham to Paignton, over the Christmas periodu2026 thatu2019s not cheap or quicku2026,One Christmas we got our Mum some hand cream as sheu2019d been complaining about dry skin on her hands.

So we did our usual thing of seeing her in Birmingham before Christmas Day itself, giving her the presents, then disappearing off to Paignton on Christmas Eve to see our Dad.

,Christmas Day comes and we get a call from our Mum.

Thankfully my brother answered.

It turns out, she explained through streams of tears, that she didnu2019t use that hand cream and no-one had gotten her presents she could eat (sheu2019s a celiac like me so canu2019t eat a lot of standard chocolate or biscuit-based gifts) or otherwise had any interest in using.

And because we were the only people she could really complain to sheu2019d called us.

,My brother, very diplomatically, said u201cIu2019m sorry you feel that way.

u201d,That basically silenced her complaints and made her realise how childish she was being.

This has to be one of the few occasions Iu2019ve heard this phrase used without gaslighting.