How do I cook deviled eggs?

How long to boil hard boiled eggs for deviled eggs

I always like to start an answer like this with a nice picture of the finished product so that the first thing you see will be the result of all the work Iu2019m about to tell you to do, so here goes:,Ah.

I turned my back for a few seconds too long.

,Deviled eggs are a great thing to know how to do, theyu2019re cheap and easy, and make a great contribution to any pot luck dinner or any party you need to bring something along for.

Keeping that in mind, Iu2019m not just going to show you how to make Deviled Eggs, Iu2019m going to show you how to make them in a way that makes them easy to bring to a party and serve fresh!,So.

To start with, take this recipe and use it as a multiplier.

This weekend, I made it x3 so I ended up with 36 perfect halves for my Church Sunday Morning Pot Luck,6 large eggs, hard-boiled or steamed,2 TBsp Mayo,1 TBsp Sour Cream,1/2 Tsp spicy mustard (any brown deli mustard is fine),1/2 Tsp white vinegar,1/4 Tsp sugar,1/8 Tsp salt,1/8 Tsp Pepper.

,A couple of things before we begin:,Notice - there is nothing chunky in there.

no relish, no minced onion, nothing you see in deviled eggs a lot that makes people think they should or that itu2019s supposed to be there.

Full Stop.

Good deviled eggs are all about the rich, silky smooth texture of the filling, and while itu2019s a good idea to garnish your eggs creatively, the filling is best when you add by subtraction and keep it velvety.


In order to have the best-looking results, you have to get to a point where you have a good peeled egg that doesnu2019t look like you peeled it by throwing it into a wood chipper.

SO, If you have any questions about how to get really good LOOKING hard-boiled eggs, read this:,OK.


Weu2019ve got our eggs cooked and peeled.

Carefully cut each one in half and separate the yolks and the whites with a teaspoon.

,Mix the Mayo, Sour Cream, Mustard, Vinegar, sugar, salt and pepper in a medium-sized mixing bowl with plenty of room,Now hereu2019s one part where you might call me a bit nuts, but you heard me before about that silky texture youu2019re trying to get? Donu2019t just mash the yolks with a fork.

Press them through a fine-mesh sieve:,Youu2019ll end up with almost a powdery look, and youll come away with a consistent texture completely free of big chunks.

Toss the yolks into your mixing bowl,And stir to combine.

I like to use a flat whisk for this, too much gets globbed in the middle of a full wisk, but a spatula doesnu2019t combine as well, so a flat whisk does the job perfectly without losing any of that GLORIOUS filling.

,Now, you COULD just make a HUGE mess right now and try to spoon the filling into the yolks.


You could do it the easy way, fold down the opening of a gallon-sized zip-lock bag and transfer all the filling into it,Then Squeeze it so that you turn it into a pastry bag, ready to cut off a small piece of the bottom corner:,Remember I said I was going to show you how to take this to a party easily? GREAT!nDONu2019T FILL THE EGGS NOW!,Just put the whites carefully into their own zip-lock:,And Put that bag, the filling bag, some paprika, and any garnishes youu2019re going to use into a bag you can put in a large glass baking dish, and :,Youu2019ve got ready-to-fill deviled eggs that arenu2019t a mess before you get to the party, you just lay out the baking dish, put the eggs face up in the dish, squeeze a good dollul of filling in each, sprinkl a little paprika on them, and garnish them however you like:nPro Tip: I like to cook up some nice thin strip crispy bacon and cut the strips up, not tiny like bits, but into little bacon squares and stick a piece of bacon in each egg:,But you might want to use a bit of Jalapeno, maybe some olive, or a piece of pickle, you might even go full-on luxury and garnish with caviar! To each his own!,But there you go!,Deviled Eggs!