I have a recipe from the UK requiring double cream, would non-dairy heavy whipping cream substitute well?

Heavy whipping cream substitute

Non-dairy cream is a non sequitur in my opinion.

Non-dairy cream substitutes just dont work in my opinion.

If you are lactose intolerant, Id suggest trying goat milk products instead.

If youre vegan, Id suggest not trying to imitate dairy and make something completely different.

I cant see how a non-dairy product can work.

That said, if a non-dairy cream product is going to work, youve got the right one.

,Basically US to UK equivalents are:,Heavy cream = Double cream,Whipping cream = Whipping cream,Light cream = Single cream,Half & Half - There is no UK equivalent, maybe the nearest is Channel Islands milk, often referred to as Gold top, which has a particularly high fat content for milk.

How to make whipping cream at home

We make ours like Neil Russo and Jessica Paterik but sometimes we add a little maple syrup instead of sugar and vanilla.

,You can add your favourite liqueur instead of vanilla too.

The nut-flavoured ones are really good with apple pie or apple crisp.

Try Amaretto, for example, which has an almond flavour, or Frangelico, which is hazelnut.

How to make heavy cream for pasta

You need to use heavy cream or manufacturing cream (if you can find it), not whipping cream.

Whipping cream will break, and doesnu2019t contain enough fat to make a rich creamy sauce.

Heavy cream and manufacturing cream can contain as much as 40% fat, as well as stabilizers, which prevent the sauce from breaking when boiled.

Alternately, you can make a beurre maniu00e9 from cornstarch and butter and whisk it into the cream, which will stabilize it as well as aid in thickening.

,To make a cheese sauce from cream and cheese, you need to bring the cream to a rapid boil, sprinkle in the cheese and whisk it vigorously with a whip or spatula.

As the cream reduces, the sauce will thicken.

,I donu2019t recommend using this method to make a large volume of sauce, like the amount needed for a casserole or a pot of macaroni and cheese.

Itu2019s just too much cheese to work into a large volume of cream.

It will have to reduce by such a large percentage, that it will break, since it canu2019t hold the amount of cheese you will need to use.

For that type of preparation, use a roux to thicken milk and whisk the cream in, off of the heat, after the sauce has thickened.

You will get much better results that way.

,A creamy sauce for one or two portions of pasta though, no problem.

I use the ratio of ten ounces of cream to two ounces of grated parmesan.

Get it boiling, add the cheese, stir to incorporate the cheese, and allow the sauce to reduce.

When it reaches a consistency you like, add your pasta, cook them together for about 30 seconds, and take it to the plate.

The key it to stir the sauce once the cheese has been added so it melts and becomes incorporated into the sauce.

Otherwise, it falls to the bottom of the pan and burns.

,There are an innumerable number of ways you can embellish a creamy cheesy pasta sauce.

Just about anything can be added: garlic, white wine reduction, bacon, sautu00e9ed mushrooms, chicken, sausage, shrimp, sun dried tomatoes, whatever you like.

,Okay, since Iu2019m in the mood to type, Iu2019m just going to share a recipe that I know for The Cheesecake Factoryu2019s Fettuccini with Chicken and Sun dried tomatoes.

This is an item that used to be on their menu, was very popular, but was taken away, making people very sad.

I just happen to know exactly how it was made, and Iu2019ll share it with you.

,In a saute pan, heat 1oz of canola oil and add 5oz of chicken breast meat cut into 3/4u2033 pieces.

Cook the chicken until half way done.

Add 10oz of heavy whipping cream to the pan, 2oz of pureed sun dried tomatoes, 1oz of roasted garlic puree, 1 tbsp of sun dried tomatoes, julienned, stir and bring to a boil.

When it reaches a boil, sprinkle in 2oz of grated parmesan cheese and continue to stir and reduce.

When it has reaches a nice sauce consistency, stir in 1 tbsp of butter and add 8oz cooked fettuccini.

Cook them together for 30 seconds and take it to the bowl.

,Thatu2019s how you make creamy pasta dishes at restaurants.