What is an easy recipe for a casserole that you bake in the oven that has chicken, cheese, broccoli, rice and breadcrumbs that you wouldnu2019t mind sharing?

Easy broccoli cheese rice Casserole

Ummmu2026that IS a casserole recipe.

Only thing I would add would be a sauce which could be as simple as a can of cream of mushroom soup and a little milk.

,pre-cook and chop the chicken (a rotisserie chicken from costco is ideal), and the broccoli (steam it a little bit to bring out the color, chop into small pieces).

,Make the rice as per package directions.

,mix all of the above together with about half your shredded cheese (cheddar works well) and your sauce.

,spread evenly in a casserole dish,top with the other half of your cheese and your breadcrumbs,bake till bubbly and the top is melty and crispy,serve,you can use any leftovers with this pattern.