What is the best breakfast menu all over India?

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Top 10 salad names

So typically there are two types of Indians.

Who rely on home cooked breakfast items (yummy plus healthy),Ones who rely on other sort of foods which are readily available and require less preparation time.

,Personally I love both of those and am a blend of both.

,To begin with,,Everyoneu2019s favorite-Masala Dosa, where breakfast begins,2.

Also one of my favorites, the Vermicelli Upma3.

Cholle Bhature, The best cheat day breakfast,4.

Parathas, be it Aloo (Potato), Paneer (Cottage Cheese), Methi (Fenugreek), Palak (Spinach), you name it!,5.

The iconic Roti SabziAnd then there are the other types who generally prefer to have something fancy or what we can call as readily available at our homes and donu2019t require much of time,6.


Masala Omelette, another favorite,8.

Pancakes, because they are delicious as well as filling <3,9.

Oats; not my favorite but definitely is, to some health junkies,10.

Boiled egg salad/fried egg sandwichesWell, these are just to name a few as well as legendary.

,There are lot other exquisite food items that exist which I might not have mentioned, suggestions are always welcome.

,Thanks for reading.