What are some good pasta recipes without tomato sauce?

4-ingredient pasta recipes








,Read that again.


,Let me introduce you to what Mac and cheese dreams about beingu2026.


,Cacio e Pepe.

Cheese and Pepper.


Thatu2019s it.

,That your whole recipe right there.

There is a catch though.

The cheese HAS to be Pecorino Romano (made from sheepu2019s milk).

Has to be.

It canu2019t be faked, and it sure has hell canu2019t be made with cowu2019s milk cheeses either, Iu2019m looking at you, fake Parmesan.

So, why Pecorino? Because when Pecorino melts, it naturally gets creamy while cowu2019s milk cheeses get stringy (think mozzarella on a pizza).

,Ingredients:,1 package of spaghetti,400 grams of freshly grated pecorino romano,salt,pepper,Directions:,Salt and boil your pasta water,cook spaghetti,when spaghetti is cooked al dente (one minute less than the package says) remove from cooking water with tongs.







,Sprinkle 1/4 of the cheese over the pasta and toss.

The pasta will seem wet as you should have brought over some pasta cooking water.

This is a good thing.

(The pasta water has lots of starch in it and acts as a binder.

) Donu2019t be shy, you can always add more cheese.

,Add another 1/4 of the cheese.

If your pasta looks like it is drying, add in a teaspoon or two of the hot pasta cooking water.

,Repeat above.

,Repeat above.

,Plate and grind fresh black pepper over the top (how much depends on how much you like pepper).

,Prepare this for friends and sit back and revel in the slurping and moaning sounds, knowing that this day, you are a pasta serving god.

Italian pasta recipes


Crushed olives (green or black) mixed with various herbs and spices and frequently including nuts.

Tapenade is easy to make, but can be bought in jars in most US supermarkets.


Easy pasta recipes for one

Simple and seasonal.

For four people you will need 350 grams of pasta of your choice (just make sure itu2019s good quality pasta) and about half a kilo of broccoli, romanesco, or cauliflower.

You will also need extravirgin olive oil, 2 anchovies, a piece of chili, one garlic clove, salt.

,Start a large pot boiling, for that amount of pasta you will need some 3 liters of water.

As the water starts boiling add a good amount of salt.

Add the broccoli/romanesco/cauliflower, cleaned and the florets cut into regular dimensions (leave the smallest whole, cut the biggest in 2u20134 pieces).

The stalks can also be peeled of the outer, fibrous parts and diced.

After a minute add the pasta.

,When the pasta is almost ready, heat a very large pan, something big enough to easily accomodate all of the pasta and vegetables, add two tablespons of extravirgin olive oil, the chili (to taste) and the garlic.

When the pasta is about one minute from being al dente, drain reserving some of the cooking water, then transfer to the pan.

Sautu00e9 pasta and vegetables in the hot pan with the flavored oil.

If you prefer remove the garlic and chili (you need their flavors, not necessarily to eat a chunk of garlic or hot chili).

,Serve immediately with freshtly grated Parmigiano Reggiano or Pecorino or dried ricotta/cacioricota.