Is it possible to pray in a workplace in Germany or to leave work for Friday prayer at a nearby mosque? Does the law protect the employee in this case or guarantee any right to this? And how would my local German colleagues feel about that?

Prayer for workplace protection

It will mostly be a question of worktime and getting work done.

,If you miss work for prayer there will be trouble.

,Especially with your colleagues.

,In a court case an employee sued for a three-minute break at 6.

00 and 8.

00 in a factory were he worked at the assembly line.

Breaks before 9.

00 were forbidden.

,The judges ruled that a three-minute break would be so inconsequential and ruled in favor of the employee.

,So, in short:,If you pray quick and miss minimal amounts of work you will probably be able to get your breaks for prayer.

,But walking to a nearby mosque, taking the prayers and walking back is more likely to land you in the half to full hour area.

Which is something the employer is unlikely to accept and the law does not guarantee you.

,It would probably be advisable to negotiate for a contract that allows you to pack up your things earlier on fridays in order to get to the mosque.