What does it mean to dream of receiving money?

Dreaming of someone giving you money

Receiving money from someone in your dream symbolizes your generous and kind nature.

You are always willing to lend a hand whenever there are people who are in trying situations, and are eager to share your blessings to the less fortunate.

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Dreaming of finding paper money meaning

This can be interpreted a couple different ways.

,Since money is often times tied to greed there could be a possibility that greed or envy is involved in said dream or the dreamers life at the time of the dream.

,Money is a necessity in todayu2019s world.

If dreams of paper money are popping up it could mean that the dreamer is in need or wants something.

,Unfortunatly it is hard to tell what exactly paper money means in a general dream with an average person.

I believe more context may be needed to discover the dreamers actuall symbolism.