What is the best early morning habit for success?

Short Prayer for success

Great great answers are here to go with.

I would like to add a childish answer which may suit some people and may entertain some people.

You can choose to laugh also about the stupidity of answer or also can choose to criticize this in comment.

,1- Wake up early morning.

If you are not habitual to wake up early morning then you can fight a battle with yourself and believe me it feels great when fight is won by you which can motivate whole day.

,2- Thank god for gifting you another day to live.

You can be thankful for whatever you find good in your life.

If nothing special to thank for you may use this children prayer -,Thank you god for world so sweet,Thank you god for the food we eat,thank you god for birds that sing,thank you god for everything,3- Pour water in your body.

this will start your internal generator means body functions.

If possible drink Luke warm water.

,4- Do your daily washroom rituals.

Everybody has their own tailored way to do this, so NO suggestion on how to do.


:),5- Stretch your body.

Do yoga, meditation, aerobics etc.

This is important because you are going to boost your day with this.

This will unleash the potential within you.

,6- Take a walk.

Studies show that walking 20u201330 minutes per day at moderate speed ( 3u20135 km/hr) can swept away the possibilities of many cardiac and other disease.

It also increases stamina.

,7- Take a shower - Your body is a temple in which the holy Aatma (Spirit) reside which keeps you alive.

So, respect yourself and show your gratitude towards yourself by taking a conscious shower.

,8- Go in front of a mirror, admire and motivate yourself.

You know, you are a wonderful person.

No one in this world can match you.

You are the most developed and most knowledgeable creature of this world.

Give a thumbs up to yourself.

,9- Pray to God.

Imagine in your mind that this day is going to be great for you and briefly play a short movie in your mind that how this day should go as per your wish.

,10- Congratulations!!! you have greatly started your day.

Prayer for success in business for a friend

Im 28 years old and belongs to a middle-class family.

,My father is a Shopkeeper ( Paan Shop) But right now its closed due to Covid-19,Im not sure that Im successful or Not please let me know in comments what do you think about me after reading my story.

,About the job.

,I started my first Job in 2010 in a call center and my first salary was 3200/-Below pic When I was in a call center.

,ufffc,ufffcWhile working in the call center my parents had to fix my marriage at the age of 22.

I wasnt able to refuse them at that time because my mothers health was not good so she needs someone who helps her at work.

,So before marriage, we change our home and the rent of that home is more than the previous one.

,After marriage in 3200/- I wasnt able to manage my home rent as well as other expenses.

So I had decided to do some work simultaneously.

,When I requested my team leader to give me a second shift which starts from 4 PM to 1 AM.

After one week he has given me the same shift.


Then I started to sell a postpaid connection in a day and call center in the evening.

I was almost selling 20u201325 connections in a month so I was getting 6u20137k.

,After completing my 2 months the distributor was putting my salary on hold and giving me after 2u20133 Months.

For example, Januarys Salary Im getting in march-April.

So after 6u20137 months I left that job and only working in the call center.

,That time my wife was pregnant and Im only doing my one job.

In pregnancy my wife went to her mothers home for 3u20134 Months so I thought we will again join some job and started to search Job.

,Then I got a job for a salesman in one shop.

,But the shop timing was 10 AM to 7 PM and I have to available at the call center at 4 PM.

,Then I requested my team leader and asked him for the Nightshift.

My team leader was a very good person and a very helpful person.

He knows my familys conditions.

From next week he has given me night shift.


So I joined as a salesman.

I was getting 6k in hand salary from salesman job so almost I was getting near to 10k.

,I worked as a salesman until 4 months as my wife has come back home.

Ohh I forget to Inform you that my wife has given birth to a baby girl.

( I already informed to shop owner about my situation and he was agreed upon the same at the time of joining) then I left the job now Im doing only call center Job.

,Then after some years I come to know that call center life is not good and in my city, I will not get any opportunities hence I resigned from there and I join one budget hotel as a receptionist.


So I joined the hotel as a receptionist.

That time I was getting 8k salary for 8hrs + extra for overtime.

,So I asked the hotel owner to give me 2 Shifts so I will be settled.

But Instead of 2 shifts, he has given me 1.

5 shifts so I was getting 12k per month.

and I was not taking any week off so I was getting a salary near to 15u201316.

,After that, I switched 2u20133 hotels and was going well.

,But one of my friends suggested I should start a business hence I quit the job and started my business.

,About that business, I already wrote an answer you can check the below answer.

,Shoaib Shaikhs answer to What is your biggest regret in life?5.

I have started my restaurant as a business but I lose almost 5u20136 lacs in business and I shut down the business.

All details about my business you will get in the above answer.


Then again I joined the hotel as a receptionist.

Then I was getting 12k for 8 hrs + overtime.

,Now everything is going fine.

,Along with this, I have thought to start my new business for tours & travels.

,So I have worked simultaneously with my job and I have started my new business for tours and travels.

,Now the business is going well.

Right Now due to coronavirus business is closed temporarily.

,Now Im earnings Between 30u201350k per month and living happily.

,My business name is u201cthe star cabsu201d you can visit my website.

,Now just you can tell me what you can think about my story and is it a success story or I should have to try more for more earning.

,Stay home, stay safe.

Prayer for success for someone

I was watching news today.

,Former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee is on full life support and is in critical condition.

A statement reased by AIIMS claim that his condition has worsened during the last 24 hours.

,Several political leaders -- M Venkaiah Naidu, Rajnath Singh, LK Advani, Amit shah, Narendra Modi, Mamta Banerjee, Rahul gandhi, Kejriwal, Uddhav Thackeray etc are headed to meet him.

,What can be observed is that every person who has worked with him has good to say about about him.

Infact,,The opposition parties also respect him.

The media respects him.

Lets see what these people have to say about him:,Mamta Banerjee : u201cI have cancelled my work to visit Atal Bihari Vajpayee today.

I got a chance to work with him.

He is a statesman-like figure.

We supported him when his govt was falling.

His pattern of work was different & not like present politics.

u201d,Raman Singh : u201cHe had the ability to bring the entire nation together under his leadership.

There was something special about him.

u201d,Naveen Patnaik : u201cI served as a member of his Cabinet for two years, to hear about his health is distressing.

He is a great leader and to work under him was a very good experience.

I would be flying to Delhi today.

,Dinesh Sharma : u201cThe news of his ill health has saddened me.

He has always been an inspiration and a guide to u201d,Shashi Tharoor :u201dConcerned to hear about former Prime Minister Vajpayees health,Seems serious.

Let us pray for the great mans recovery.

u201d,,What else is success if not this ?The entire nation is praying for his recovery.

Members of opposition are coming from across states to check on himSpecial prayers and yajnas are being performed across the country for his good health.

A group of 11 priests have been chanting the Mahamrityunjaya mantra for the speedy recovery of the veteran BJP leader.

Meanwhile, members from the Muslim community, led by Khadim Syyed Irfan Chisti, held prayers at the revered Ajmer Sharif Dargah for the good health of the BJP stalwart.

School going children are praying for his recovery.

,He taught us that anybody can be a good politician but very few are good human beings.

He has influenced the entire nation and today the entire nation stands with him.