When you see a white rat out of nowhere, does it have any spiritual meaning?

Spiritual meaning of rats in dreams

Seeing a white rat means there comes the time when most aspects of your life will be fine.

It symbolizes prosperity, luck, tranquility and success or seeing a white rat in dream state means you would be less troubled in near future.

Rat in dream meaning in Hindi

This actually reminds of a very popular bhajan on Maa Durga, sung by none other than Sonu Nigamji.

,u201cSoja sapno me khoja, sapne me darshan degi maa,Soja sapno me khoja,Soja sapno me khoja, sapne me darshan degi maa,Mata jo hai shero wali, parwato pe rahne wali,Tere sang meri bhi hai maa,Aisi mithi nindiya me khoja,Soja sapno me khojau201d,Seeing or getting to hear Mahadevi Durga Maau2019s voice in oneu2019s dream would surely be a life altering experience.

However, the Divine Mother doesnu2019t appear in oneu2019s dream so easily.

For the significant part of my life I have loved Her (Vatsalya Bhav of course) the most and have craved Her darshan in my dreams on so many occasions but never once has my my brain produced Her image or Her voice in my sleep.

Or even if it has, I donu2019t remember any of it which is truly regrettable.

However I doubt Iu2019ve ever seen or heard Her in my head since I am kind of good at remembering pleasant dreams as well as gruesome nightmares.

Now let me present a paradox.

I know we mere mortals are no one to decide whom She speaks to in dreams and whom She shuns or puts his devotion to severe test (which She does very often) but it piques oneu2019s interest if She actually connects with someone who doesnu2019t even know much about Her or Her other forms, let alone worship Her.

Now hereu2019s a self-proclaimed Bhakt of the Great Goddess who has never managed to hear Her voice or See Her in his dreams but to his dismay, happened to stumble across a couple of followers of different religions having actually connected with Her in their dream.

Strange right? Then let me tell you what I had come across.

Of course one has the liberty of choosing to believe or dismiss the accounts, notwithstanding, they do goad my interest to a great extent.

,1),In this dream I was taking a medium-sized very old wooden decorated box through what looked like Customs when you enter another country.

I didnt know that there was anything inside the box and was very surprised when a man exclaimed that he found a precious figurine that he said belonged to me.

I looked at this figure, about 10 inches tall and it had a face of Ivory and many arms that were loaded with silver weapons.

The man told me that the figurine was mine and I was afraid of the power it held, so I started to walk away but the figurine somehow attached itself to the hem of my skirt so I took the goddess figurine with me.

What makes this dream so significant is that Im not Hindu but I am an initiated priestess of a religion that also has many deities.

Since I wasnt sure of which Hindu deity I had dreamt of, I looked up pictures with descriptions online and recognized Her as the goddess Durga.

nIf anyone can help me to understand what this dream means and in knowing more about Durga, I would greatly appreciate this gift.

nMany Thanks nAya,Source: The Free Online Source For Dream InterpretationsFrom the name of the author and whatever little detail she gives about her religion, Iu2019m sure sheu2019s Japanese and her religionu2019s Shinto.

In any case, she had a vision of Durga Mata (or Kali Mata perhaps) in her dream expressing attachment.

Why would Durga Devi Maa appear in such a fashion to someone who knows zilch about Hindu deities? Do you have an answer? Should one try to find a meaning or should one just not read too much into it?,2),Hi Tanvi, I also had a dream of Shera wali Maa.

I was pregnant in my 7th month.

I am in Sikh religion.

Never even prayed in Hinduism religion.

However, God is one ; doesnt matter which religion.

Anyways, I completely remember the whole dream.

I was in a huge crowd and enjoying Jagrata of Maa with my brother and sis in law in dream.


and then some mid aged poor dark skin lady came with ripped white dirty clothes and asked me if she can have a gold bangle i was wearing on my wrist ( that was gift from my mom in law ) I gave her without even thinking about anything.

Than she gave me back something which was a gold band ( ring ) i looked closely and read in Hindi Jai Mata di which was going all around.

While i was reading that the lady disappeared and than somehow i saw her again in few secs.


the same lady was glowing like i never seen before .


i felt so peaceful.


she started to look so beautiful with all the gold jewellery and her dress was just like in the mandir with red/gold, long black hair & fair skin.

Beautiful person never seen before.

After that dream, when i gave birth ; i had a daughter.

In my family, we didnt find out about sex of the baby when i was pregnant.

Everyone was saying it will be a boy because the way my pregnancy was.

Healthy pregnancy with no symptoms.

I was glowing the whole pregnancy with no sickness.

Another thing made me feel so shocked was my daughter was born with one teeth.

Now i know, why i had safe pregnancy, Shera wali maa was with me the whole time; protecting me and my daughter.

Gave me sign i was going to have a girl.

Shera wali ma is all about Kanjka.

Another thing i notice on my daughters head was 2 swirls in her hair.

Which is unique.

Whenever there is chownki of Maa on TV .


my daughter Tania she stops doing everything and listens to it so carefully.

I am blessed that Hindu Goddess came in my dream.

You should feel the same Tanvii.

Not everyone gets a chance to experience all this.

Your life is blessed if any god/goddess comes.

In Science, Dreams are what we think, but in my point of view .


i think its not because when i had dream .


before sleep i was not even thinking about hindu God/Goddess in my mind nor did anyone mentioned on Tv or in person about anyone.

,Source: What does it mean to dream about Hindu God/Goddess?Now this dream hit me below the belt.

I remember sitting still in my place for a few mins with my mind gone blank the first time I read this on yahoo answers.

While the Sikh community is well acquainted with Devi Mata and Her worship, itu2019s not surprising that a Sikh woman would still fail to recognize a ceratin incarnation of Devi Mata and wouldnu2019t realize it as well.

Itu2019s not her fault though.

The u2018mid aged poor dark skin ladyu2019 who had come with u2018ripped white dirty clothesu2019, is someone I readily recognized as I read the line.

It was none other than Devi Maau2019s 7th Mahavidya roop, u2018Dhumavatiu2019!!!!,Dhumavati Deviu2019s vision in your dream is not supposed to be auspicious since Sheu2019s usually associated with widowhood, misery, poverty and death.

However, itu2019s pretty amazing how Dhumavati Devi changed into Maa Sherawaliu2019s avatar and showed Her Rajasik form with such splendor.

If She had visited me in such a way, the sense of fulfillment would have driven me insane.

I believe as Dhumavati, Maa Durga alleviated the womanu2019s woes and broke her ties and shackles (in the form of the bangle) which She replaced with Her blessings in the spinning golden ring flashing u2018Jai Mata Diu2019.

Indeed, a life altering dream and I sincerely give her daughter my hearty wishes.

,So, what to make of these dreams where theDevi Maa connects with the subjects belonging to different religion? Doesnu2019t this imply that Sheu2019s beyond religious boundaries which is exactly how the Supreme Divine should be like? Iu2019m yet to have my fill though.

Still waiting Maa.

Still waiting.

,Karni Matau2019s birth -Devi Durga appearing in Deval Bhaiu2019s dream :-,Just like Maa Sharada and Rani Sati Dadi, Karni Mata is popularly worshipped as Devi Durgau2019s human incarnation.

Her most famous temple, the Temple of Rats is located at Deshnok, Bikaner.

I was fortunate enough to visit Her shrine daring the thousands of rats (Kabbas) thronging the temple premises.

Mata Kariniji was born as Ridhu bai, on October 2, 1387 AD in the village near Suwap Phalodi, to Mehaji and Deval Bai belonging to the Charan caste.

One night Deval Bhai, Karnijiu2019s mother, had a vivid dream in which Goddess Durga appeared to her holding the trident in her hands.

She informed her that she need not be afraid and that a portion of her effulgence had already been conceived in her womb and that she would be born at the twenty-first month without any problem.

Though the parents were quite distressed, there was nothing much they could do about this since it was the will of the Goddess Herself.

Traditionally the Charans are worshippers of Devi Shakti mainly in her form as Durga.

It was only much later after she performed her first miracle that she was renamed, Karni.

Needless to say the parents were quite disappointed that the baby was a girl.

The mother was most unhappy since everyone who came to see the baby mocked at her at having given birth to seven girls.

Nobody would bring any presents for a baby girl.

One day Mehajiu2019s sister came to see the baby.

She taunted her sister-in-law and knocked her on her head with bent fingers.

Everyone was shocked to see that her fingers remained in that bent position and refused to be straightened out.

One day when Ridhubai was five years old, her aunt condescended to bathe her.

Innocently the child questioned her about her bent fingers.

When she heard the story she took her auntu2019s hand in her own and gently stroked it.

To everyoneu2019s amazement the fingers straitened themselves and became whole again.

Everyone was stunned.

Her aunt who had scoffed at her mother now proclaimed that this was not an ordinary child but an incarnation and renamed her, Karni.

The mother now told everyone about the wonderful vision she had of the goddess Durga during the eighth month of her pregnancy.

Karni Matau2019s amazing miracles are few of the most fascinating stories Iu2019ve ever heard.

I feel blessed that by Devi Maau2019s grace I could visit Her temple and pay my obeisance.

Jai Karni Mata!Jai Maa Durga!,Account of Karen Rajesh, co-author of Devis Grace: Maa Mookambika Devi (The Unbelievable Miracles of The Universal Mother) :-u201cAlthough it was just a few days since we had come back from our trip to the Maa Mookambika Devi’s temple in Bangaluru I was consumed with thoughts bordering on obsession of Devimaa during most of my waking hours.

When I slept it was dreamless as though even my subconscious mind was too exhausted to work up any more thoughts.

I could not shake off the feeling of sadness that I never got the chance to meet the legend called Swamiji.

His presence was so powerfully that his life create and indelible impression on the line of all his devotees.

It was this look of belonging in their eyes that was the cause of my already aching heart to long for a guru just like him to enrich my life.

To me it seemed like some cruel twist of faith; that I had traversed to great distance to find myself at the temple of Maa Mookambika Devi but was unable to enter since there was no one to open the doors.

So you can well imagine my surprised when one night in June dreamt about Satyendraji.

It as cloudy hazy stormy as the night outside my window and yet I remember each details with amazing clarity.

In the dream Satyendraji laid his hand on my head as if to bless me and the second he did so I felt an overwhelmingly powerful presence trying to enter my body.

This entity was a bright light and it was huge and getting bigger by the second.

Afraid yet excited and curious I trembled in my sleep and was roused from the dream with a start.

Although I sat up in bed shaking uncontrollably; unsure about what I had experienced.

I was certain it was not something out of the ordinary and to be taken lightly.

tI knew deep down at the very core of my being that something important and cataclysmic had taken place and my life would never be the same.

tThe next morning I told my husband Rajesh about it and he took was perplexed and unable to offer an explanation.

So I went back to my usual schedule a bit unsettled but yet waiting for something to happen then when I was dozing off in the train on the way back home it suddenly hit me like a ton of bricks.

The huge bright light in my dream that tried to enter my body when Satyendraji blessed me was none other then Devimaa! The entity had such FORCE and POWER that I could only associate it with HER presence.

Then it struck me harder that devi had come through Satyendraji who I realized with finality was NOT ONLY to be my GURU but also the rightful heir to carry on her divine work! tMy life defining moment had indeed turned my world on its axis and by none other than the universal Mother; Maa Mookambika Devi.

I shed tears of joy and happiness that she had answered my prayer and could not to talk satyendraji about it.

tHere, I must bring to light the fact that all my life I have never believed that a mere human being can be given the status of a GURU or a GOD.

Therefore I could never bring myself to bowing before one.

But after that wonderful dream when realization dawned and I could see the writing on the wall those immature misconceptions were blown away and suddenly life took on a new meaning.

tI called Bela to ask her when Satyendraji would be in Mumbai next and then related my amazing dream to her and conveyed my feeling on the same.

She was wonderful about the whole thing saying encouragingly now you know why we did not reply when you asked us who Devi next patri will be you see we have discovered it for ourselves and now you have too.

You must consider yourself very lucky indeed to have found a guru in this lifetime.

A divine meeting with my Guru.

My cup seemed to have runneth over and I just could not stop thinking about the amazing experience of my dream.

I even penned a small note on how I felt with the sudden appearance of Devimaa in my life and Satyendraji as my Guru.

u201d,Source: Devis Grace: Maa Mookambika Devi (The Unbelievable Miracles of The Universal Mother)Splendid isnu2019t it? The more I come across instances of Devi Maau2019s darshan or voice in someoneu2019s dream the more I feel jealous.

The sheer imagination of how the floodgates of my emotions will fly open if I ever happen to wake up after having dreamt about Her is simply incomprehinsble.

If itu2019s not too much to ask for from my beloved Universal Mother Devi Durga then may I allow myself to eagerly hope for that night when I finally get to see Her in my dream? Only Maa can answer that question.

,Jai Jagjanani Maa Durga, teri sada hi jai ho :)

Brown rat dream meaning

Dan was dozing off at night, he saw a big brown rat enter his house, it was a vision.

Many problems followed; quarrels with his wife, machines failing, losses etc.

A rat means a destructive thing in life, if is white then it is something that looks good but still destructive.

,If you killed a large rat, youu2019ll overcome large problems and hindrances.