What does it mean when you see dead persons alive in your dreams according to Hindu mythology?

Seeing dead person alive in dream meaning

In the present time people think that is a bad dream so leave but according to pandit and Hindu mythology if dead person see in your dreams it means some work of your family thats belong to dead person is still pending or dead person work which is left because of his or her death that pending so Complete it.

,After that this type of dream away from respective person.

Dreaming of a dead person talking to you -- meaning

They are attempting to communicate something to you.

Spiritual meaning of dreaming someone died

Peoples bodies die but their spirits live on and move to another realm.

They are not physically connected, but are still spiritually connected to their loved ones, that is why now and again people dream about their loved ones.

They become helpers and guides us here on earth on matters that requires attention and are beyond our own abilities.

The dead connect to us through many ways: it can be through dreams, feeling their presence, sounds, animals, birds etc.

Dreaming about dead people simple means that the dead people in their past life are continiously connecting with you.