How can I stop dreaming of my partner cheating?

How to stop having dreams about boyfriend cheating

well, the first question to ask yourself is u2018do i really trust them?u2019 like deep down.

if there is any sort of resistance there that could be a reason.

iu2019m sure it happens to everyone else too, iu2019ve had dreams like this.

it could just be a fear of loosing that person as well, if you care about someone a lot there is always that u2018what if iu2019m not good enoughu2019 or u2018they could do so much better then meu2019 feeling.

if youu2019ve said this in your head about them that could also be a reason.

my advice is to believe you are good enough, because you are.

you just have to believe and have confidence!

What does it mean when you dream of your partner with someone else

It means nothing.

Itu2019s a dream.

,Dreams are nonsense.

They are not prophetic.