Why does Lebanon let Hezbollah operate? Do they have common interests?

Dreaming of big waves coming at you Islam

You speak as though they are separate entities: Hezbollah is one of the main political parties in Lebanon.

Thats almost like asking why does America let the Democratic Party operate?,Now, heres the difference, Hezbollah has a major military force.

It is unlikely that the US government would allow the Democratic Party to maintain an independent military force and run a state-within-a-state.

So why does Hezbollah get to do that.






its complicated.

To understand why you have to know a little about the history of Lebanon.

,,(photolithograph of Beirut in the 19th century),The Ottoman Empire was a very diverse thing with a lot of ethnicities and religions living side by side.

The Turkish sultans were tolerant, and werent that interested in creating a unified nation with a sense of common identity (since that tends to lead to revolutions and the like), so as long as people payed their taxes and submitted to Turkish rule, it was all good.

They let individual religious groups (Muslim, Druze, Orthodox Christian, Catholic, Jewish etc) have a certain degree of autonomy in their own communities, referred to as millets, with their own civil courts.

So, people could be living right next to each other, but live under different sets of laws and customs.

Imagine American Catholics, Protestants and Jews lived under different sets of laws.

It would be a lot harder to have an American identity, wouldnt it? Note that I didnt mention the Sunni-Shia divide, because the Ottomans were Sunni and saw the Shia as heretics.

So Shiites did not get their own millet, they were an oppressed minority within the Muslim millet.



keep this in mind later.

,In the 1800s the Ottoman Empires power started to decline, and European power was at its apex.

Europeans saw Christian communities in the Empire as natural allies.

They started demanding special rights for Christian minorities, ostensibly to protect them from discrimination, but also to gain a foothold within the empire that they could exploit.

They conducted trade with the empire through these Christians, and demanded various concessions such as advantageous trade agreements, and legal privileges.

As you might imagine, this didnt make the Muslims any more fond of their Christian neighbors.

The French cultivated a special relationship with the Christians in the Lebanon region (in fact, the British actually sponsored the Druze at one point to counter French influence).

Once the Ottoman empire had fallen France demanded, and got, control of Syria and Lebanon under a League of Nations mandate (even though Britain had kind of told the Arab leader Faisal that Syria would be his.



but thats another story).

Lebanon was intended by France to be a Christian-majority country and the originally proposed border was.

However, under the agreements between Britain and France, France was allowed greater direct control of Lebanon than Syria (which was supposed to be Arab-governed but with French influence).

So the French expanded Lebanon (then termed Greater Lebanon) at Syrias expense, adding a lot more Muslims to the country.

So Lebanon ended up being a country with substantial populations of Sunni, Shia, and Druze, and an ever-so-slight Christian majority.

,The dotted line below was the original Mt Lebanon province of the Ottoman empire overlayed on a map of the current ethnic makeup, as you can see the original Lebanon had a clear Christian (Maronite) majority and the main minority was the Druze, the expansion added mostly Shia and Sunni Muslims:,,,When Lebanon gained independence from France, great care was taken to preserve the balance of power between ethnic groups.

Both the parliament and the army were given specific, mandated ratios for Muslims and Christians (giving a slight advantage to Christians).

Both sides were very nervous about the army being used by the other side against them, so they mutually agreed to keep the army weak.

,In the 1948 Arab-Israeli War, Lebanon officially declared war on Israel but basically stayed out of the fighting.

They did, however, wind up with a lot of Palestinian refugees.

This made the Christians very nervous, and they did everything they could to keep Palestinians in their refugee camps and out of Lebanese politics.

Palestinians were denied the right to work or live outside the camps, leaving the refugees impoverished and dependent on UN handouts, and the army often used violence to keep them under control, which enraged many Lebanese Muslims.

,Because of its ethnic divisions, Lebanon quickly became a place that geopolitical forces liked to use as a proxy battleground: in 1958 a civil war almost broke out because Muslim groups wanted to join the United Arab Republic (which was partly aligned with the Soviet Union) so the US sent troops to protect the pro-Western, Christian-dominated government.

,After the 1967 Six Day War, the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) began to establish a major presence in Lebanese refugee camps.

In 1969 a wave of violence between the PLO and the Lebanese army threatened the stability of Lebanons government, with Muslims demanding the PLO be allowed to fight Israel from Lebanese territory.

Lebanese general Emile Boustani, a Christian with presidential ambitions, signed a secret Egpytian-brokered deal with the PLO in Cairo over the objection of Lebanons sitting president.

The Cairo Agreement of 1969 granted Palestinians self-government in the refugee camps and permission to carry out attacks against Israel, in return for non-interference in Lebanese affairs.

,In 1971 events took a major turn for the worse after the Black September civil war in Jordan.

Jordan was the main base of the PLO and had an arrangement with the Palestinians similar to the Cairo Agreement, but relations between the PLO and the Jordanian went from bad to worse as PLO raids brought reprisals on Jordanian territory, and the hardline Communist wing of the PLO called for the overthrow of the monarchy.

After a bloody 10-month conflict the PLO fighters were completely expelled from Jordan, and re-grouped in South Lebanon.

Suddenly, there were a whole lot of well-armed, Soviet-sponsored Palestinian fighters ruling a swath of Lebanese territory and the army had agreed not to mess with them.

Fearing that the army would not protect them, Lebanons Christians started arming up, and as they did so did the Lebanese Sunnis, Shia and Druze.

,,(PLO fighters in Lebanon),Naturally, things went south fast.

Violence broke out, initially between a neo-fascist Christian group called the Phalange and the Palestinians, but it soon devolved into a very long, complicated and bloody civil war in which various Christian, Sunni, Shia, Druze and Palestinian groups killed each other, formed and broke alliances, and generally made things awful.

Through all this the Lebanese Army mostly stayed out, it didnt have the firepower to take on the various militias and if it took sides half its soldiers would defect (and a lot of them did anyways).

Syria occupied a big chunk of the country, supposedly in support of the Christians which didnt make a whole lot of sense.



but mostly because they wanted to take a big chunk of the country which they felt the French had stolen from them decades earlier and the chaos was easy to exploit.

,The Syrians werent the only ones who saw an opportunity in the chaos: down in Jerusalem the right-wing Israeli government of prime minister Menachem Begin and defense minister Ariel Sharon decided to get involved in Lebanon too.

They saw common cause with the Phalangists, since they were both fighting the Palestinians, and dreamed up a plan to smash the PLO, kick the Syrians out of Lebanon, and put the Phalangist leader Bashir Gemayal in power.

Clearly nothing could go wrong with this plan.

The PLO and Israel had been trading fire across the Lebanese border for a decade, but things had been mostly quiet since 1978 when Israel briefly invaded South Lebanon and the two sides agreed to a ceasefire.

So in 1982 when a Palestinian tried to assassinate Israels ambassador to Britain, Begin and Sharon used it as an excuse to invade Lebanon (never mind that the attack was orchestrated by Abu Nidal, an Iraq-based terrorist who the PLO had exiled and sentenced to death, in the words of Begin Abu Nidal Abu Shmidal, we have to screw the PLO!).

Since the Israeli public (and Israels allies) wouldnt have been terribly excited about trying to do regime change in an Arab country, Begin and Sharon hid their true aims from the people and even from most of the cabinet.

They said they were not going to attack Beirut or fight the Syrian army, then all of a sudden were like our troops are on the outskirts of Beirut and we just kicked the crap out of the Syrian air force! It was a nasty, bloody affair.

They besieged Beirut for a while, which didnt make the Lebanese or the West very happy at all.

Eventually a deal was struck where the PLO would leave Lebanon for Tunisia, and American and European troops would deploy to Lebanon as peacekeepers.

,,(Israeli tanks in Lebanon),Sharon didnt get his wish, though.

Bashir was elected (surely the presence of Israeli and American troops had no effect on turnout whatsoever).



and then almost immediately assassinated by the Syrians.

The Phalangists launched a wave of revenge killings against Muslims, culminating in a horrific massacre of Palestinians in the Sabra and Chatila refugee camps.

Israeli troops had let the Phalangists into the camps, and Sharon was found by an Israeli investigation to have been partly responsible for the massacre and forced to resign from his post (for a truly fantastic film on this, check out Waltz with Bashir).

This greatly increased pressure on Israel to withdraw, and in 1983 Begin resigned as well.

,Where has Hezbollah been all this time? Im about to get there but first its worth mentioning what was going on in Iran (sorry, I know, this stuff is complicated).

In 1979 Iranians overthrew their US-backed, Israel-allied dictator (the Shah) in the modern worlds first Islamic Revolution.

The Shah got along great with the West.



but he was not a nice guy to his own people, he had a massive infrastructure of torturers who did all sorts of nasty things like roast peoples flesh.

Many different groups, including liberals and Communists and Islamists worked together to overthrow the Shah, but the Islamists were the best organized, the fiercest, and had a really charismatic leader, Ayatollah Khomeini, so they ended up taking charging and began to liquidate the Communists and anybody else they didnt like.

Pretty soon the entire world was really pissed off at the Iranians: the West because the Iranians overthrew their favorite dictator (and there was the whole embassy hostage thingy), Russia because the Islamists were killing Communists, and the other Arab states because they were afraid the Islamic Revolution would be coming for them next.

So when Saddam Hussein came up with a BS reason to invade Iran, virtually the entire world took his side.

Its worth noting that similar things happened after the French Revolution and the Russian Revolution, and in all three cases it backfired big time.

Iranians who may have been on the fence about the Islamic government rallied to the flag, and the Islamists only got more radical, brutal, and upset with all the other countries who were conspiring to get rid of them.

Caught up in the religious and patriotic fervor of the revolution, the inferior Iranian military fought like hell, repelling Iraq by superior numbers and extreme zeal.

Iranian suicide bombers would drive explosive-laden motorcycles into Iraqi tanks, teenagers would walk into minefields to clear them.

It turned into one of the bloodiest conflicts of the post-WW2 era, costing more than a million lives all told.

At any rate, with the world against them the Islamic Republic needed allies, and they wanted revenge.

,,(the front line in the Iran-Iraq war),Enter Hezbollah.

Formed of various radical Shiite groups, sponsored by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and armed with the ideology of Islamic Revolution, Hezbollah made a spectacular splash on the scene by blowing up an American marine barracks in Beirut, killing more than 200 marines in the deadliest single attack on American troops since World War 2, prompting America to lob a bunch of shells in Syrias general direction and then get the hell out of Lebanon.

,,,Hezbollahs goal was the expulsion of Western and Israeli forces from Lebanon, and it also fought with another Shiite militia, the Amal, for control of Shiite areas, but it generally shied away from engaging in Muslim-Christian violence, which allowed it to gain sympathy across the Lebanese population.

It also conducted numerous kidnappings of Western citizens, which it used to advance Iranian interests (including the very whacky scheme in which America sold a bunch of anti-aircraft and anti-tank weapons to Iran, somehow through Israel, which Iran used to fight the Iraqis, who the US were also arming, in exchange for freeing hostages in Lebanon, and the money ended up in the hands of the Contras, a right-wing militia in Nicaragua who Congress had forbidden support for because they were a bunch of murderous thugs).

,In 1985 Israel withdraw from most of Lebanon, but maintained a buffer zone in South Lebanon, controlled by Israel with the help of a Christian militia called the South Lebanese Army (SLA).

For 15 years, Hezbollah waged guerrilla war against Israel and the SLA, and they got exceedingly good at it.

In 1991 the various factions in Lebanon finally negotiated the Taif peace agreement which called for the disarmament of all the armed groups in Lebanon except Hezbollah, which got a carve-out so that it could continue its struggle to kick Israel out of South Lebanon.

After all, pretty much everyone in Lebanon wanted Israel out of their territory, and the still-basically-useless Lebanese army sure couldnt manage it.

Its important to note that the Taif agreement readjusted the parliamentary quotas, which had favored Christians, to reflect the actual demographics (and a lot of Christians had fled to the West during the long war).

Christian-Muslim rivalry declined thereafter, but it would soon be replaced by Sunni-Shia rivalry (with various Christians taking different sides).

,,nIsrael was unable to stop Hezbollah activity, in spite a major offensive in 1996 (Operation Grapes of Wrath).

In 2000 the center-left Israeli government of Ehud Barak began to withdraw from South Lebanon.

The South Lebanese Army quickly collapsed and Israeli forces pulled out as fast as they could, under constant attack from Hezbollah.

This gave the distinct impression that Israel was fleeing under fire, propelling Hezbollah to legendary status in the Arab world and marking a sorry end to Sharons dream of turning Lebanon into a Christian-dominated vassal state (but I doubt he spent much time moping about it -- he beat Barak in the next elections).

,,(Lebanese kids celebrate on a captured Israeli gun),Israeli withdrawal was a victory for Hezbollah but also made it kind of a fighter without an opponent, it needed to justify its continuing existence as a major military force in Lebanon.

Hezbollah kept on being a thorn in Israels side, arguing that Israel was still occupying Lebanese territory (the territory in question is a tiny strip of land barely big enough for a golf course that Israel says is Syrian territory it occupied in 1967, Lebanon says is Lebanese, and Syria sends mixed signal about).

Also Hezbollah griped about overflights and made noises about wanting to wipe Israel off the map and throw the Jews into the sea (you know, the standard boilerplate).

In 1992 it had begun running in elections, and it also had started providing social and charitable services in areas under its control, making it part of the fabric of life in Lebanon.

,,nYou might be wondering what Syria was doing all this time, or you might have forgotten they were even involved, but in case you were wondering they were still hanging around.

And by this point Syria, Iran and Hezbollah had become the best of friends, so Hezbollah and their Shia allies wanted Syria to stay put.

However many Sunnis and Christians, led by Sunni politician Rafic Hariri, were like the wars over dude, what are you still doing here? In classic Lebanese-politcal fashion, in 2005 Hariri ended up getting vaporized by a ton of TNT, in an assassination most likely orchestrated by Hezbollah at the behest of Syria (but this is the Middle East so conspiracy theories abound).

This backfired pretty hard, hundreds of thousands of protestors took to the streets demanding Syria withdraw, and despite a massive Hezbollah-orchestrated counterdemonstration and some more assassinations, the Syrian army finally pulled out.

These events made Hezbollah a far more polarizing organization, and Sunni and Christian groups started to dust those old weapons they still had lying around (if they had ever put them down to begin with).

,,,In 2006 Hezbollah poked Israel a bit too hard (killing several soldiers and kidnapping others in a cross-border raid) and Israel invaded Lebanon again.

While it gave ground and more than a thousand Lebanese died in heavy Israeli bombing, Hezbollah fought back hard, killing more than a hundred Israeli soldiers, destroying tanks and shooting down a helicopter, and killing dozens of Israeli civilians with rocket fire, forcing the evacuation of large parts of Northern Israel.

After 34 days the war ended with Israeli withdrawal, and the deployment of a UN peacekeeping force that was supposed to prevent Hezbollah from re-arming but was a complete joke from day 1.

Hezbollahs success reminded the Lebanese public and the Arab world that they could still be a source of pride and resistance (even though they had got a bunch of people killed and brought ruin on their country for no terribly good reason).

,,(Hezbollah propaganda banner in the aftermath of the 2006 war),However, since 2006 Sunni-Shia relations in Lebanon have gotten steadily worse, and no doubt a lot of Sunni and Christians would love to see Hezbollah disarmed.

But, they remain the largest military force in the country, with continued Iranian support, and the Lebanese Army is still basically useless (and Israel objects to the West arming it in a serious way, since Lebanon and Israel are still technically in a state of war).

The Syrian Civil War has made this a lot worse, of course.

Sunnis loathe the fact that Hezbollah is fighting for the murderous Assad regime, while Shia view Hezbollah as the only thing standing between them and ISIS.

Divided between pro-Hezbollah and anti-Hezbollah factions, the Lebanese government is increasingly paralyzed.

Its a nasty situation.

,,(anti-Hezbollah propaganda poster depicting the Hezbollah flag attacking the Syrian flag),So, basically, if you want to know who to blame for Hezbollah being able to operate in Lebanon.



the Turks, the French, the British, the US, Israel, Iran, Iraq, Syria, the PLO, the Phalange, Egypt, Russia, Jordan, and pretty much anyone else you could think of besides, like, Bhutan.

Ultimately the story of Lebanon is, and continues to be, one of heartbreaking tragedy.

Biblical meaning of big waves in dreams

Biblical Meaning Of Boats In DreamsThe Biblical meaning of boats in dreams differs depending on several factors, such as the type of the boat (yacht, sailboat, ferry), its direction (moving towards or away from you), whether you are on it or not, and so on.

So, what does dreaming about boats mean biblically?,The meaning of boats in dreams biblically relates to moving past something difficult or painful that has happened to you.

It may also represent a transition from one spiritual state to another.

In either case, it usually suggests that you are going through some significant change that is bringing you relief and new life.

Boats are symbolic of taking a journey, so they can be prophetic of a major change in your life.

Have you been thinking about making a big move lately? If so, this dream could very well be pointing in the right direction for your life.

,Table Of Contents,The Biblical Meaning Of Boats In DreamsBoats in dreams can have a range of different meanings depending on the context of the dream.

,The biblical meaning of boats in dreams has to do with water, and the symbol of water can represent emotions, life, and change.

,Boats are seen as conveyances in our dreams, and they represent being able to navigate through lifeu2019s difficulties.

,In the Bible, a boat symbolizes a place of safety and security.

,It can also represent your journey through life and how youu2019re handling the waves of trouble that may come along in your life.

,If you dream of a boat on a river or lake, it can mean you will enjoy good times with friends.

,If itu2019s sailing smoothly, then it means that you are comfortable with your current life situation, if itu2019s storming or sinking, then this indicates some kind of emotional disturbance.

,You need to pay attention to what was happening in the dream.

,The more detail you remember about your dream, the better chances of deciphering what may happen in your future.

,Some experts believe that the boat dream is a way of the subconscious mind trying to tell you that you are on your approach to a life-changing situation and not to be afraid.

,Boats in dreams represent a desire to move through life with greater meaning and purpose.

,Taking a boat means that you are able to go where others cannot, or are able to have a different perspective on things.

,There are many different types of boats in dreams and they can symbolize different things.

Some of the most common types of boats include:,Fishing Boats: these boats symbolize work.

You may be working hard at your career or at something else meaningful in your life.

,Sailboats or Yachts: these boats symbolize leisure and relaxation, but also the ability to make progress when the wind is blowing in your favor.

It may also suggest that you need to take more time off.

,Rowboats: rowboats symbolize relationships, particularly those that are struggling or difficult.

,Cruise Ships: cruise ships symbolize adventure and exploration, as well as pleasure.

This is a time when you can enjoy yourself and have fun without feeling guilty about it.

,The biblical meaning of ships in dreams symbolizes adventure, exploration, and new beginnings.

,The type of ship you dream about may reflect how you are feeling about the journey you are taking.

,A cruise ship suggests you need to take a vacation from your everyday pressures while a battleship signifies a desire for an exciting new adventure in your life.

,The Biblical meaning of boats in dreams symbolizes your spirituality or religious beliefs as they guide you through lifeu2019s troubles to reach land or dry land again.

,The Bible often compares the world to a sea.

If you dream about being at sea, you may be feeling adrift in your life or like you are going nowhere.

,You may be unsure of the path you should take in life or simply feel disconnected from others.

,If you dream about being on a boat that is taking on water or sinking, it symbolizes that you are headed for disaster unless you change your course in life.

,If you dream about being on a ship that is sailing smoothly, it means that God has answered your prayers and has smoothed out problems in your life.

,If there is a storm brewing while you are on the sea, it means that trouble is coming soon but God will be with you to get through it safely.

,You only need to have faith and trust Him to provide for all your needs.

,The Biblical Meaning Of Dreams: Boat SailingSailing offers a sense of freedom and independence as you set out on an adventure, so dreaming of sailing may represent your aspirations to be free and independent.

,When your dreams take place on the water they usually indicate your emotions or unconscious feelings and thoughts.

,So, if you are sailing on calm waters it could suggest that there are no problems at present but if the sea is rough it could suggest that there might be some problems ahead.

,The biblical meaning of sailing a boat in a dream over an ocean is about your journey through life.

,The fact that you are sailing a boat reflects your direction in life and the actions that you need to take.

,If you see yourself or someone else sailing a boat, then it symbolizes the direction you are headed in your waking life.

,This dream also indicates how well you can control your emotions and how stable and balanced you are in life.

,To dream of yourself as a sailor on a sailboat suggests that you will be successful in business ventures and other important aspects of your life.

,You will be able to handle anything that comes at you with ease.

,To have a dream where there is a captain aboard the ship means that you must be more cautious of what is coming up ahead in your waking life and stay focused on moving forward.

,To see or hear someone talking about sailing a boat indicates that you will face many obstacles in the near future.

,You must overcome them all if you want to be successful in whatever it is that you want to achieve.

,The Biblical meaning of boats in dreams usually has something to do with your emotional state of mind.

,It is often the case that the dreamer is attempting to navigate through emotional turmoil, and the boat is a vehicle for doing this,The Biblical Dream Interpretation Of a Cruise ShipIn the Bible, ships represent your life and how you live it.

,They do not represent other people in your life, even if they are on board with you.

,For example, if you dream about a cruise ship, it is not symbolic of other believers in your life.

,This is because God sees us as individuals with our own lives and responsibilities before Him.

,We are still individual persons with individual lives to live for Christ.

,The biblical meaning of cruise ship in dreams can symbolize the smoothness and the fast nature of life.

,This dream could also mean that you are able to succeed in all that you do if you have enough faith.

,This ship can be a symbol of your success and wealth.

,It represents the kind of luxury that you desire to achieve in life.

,It could also be a sign of your interest in traveling and exploring different places across the globe.

,You need to understand that God has given us this world to explore and enjoy all its beauty.

,To see a cruise ship in your dream indicates that you are going with the flow of things and enjoying the journey of life.

,It also represents optimism, comfort, and ease.

You may be trying to break down some emotional barrier or some form of resistance.

,To dream that you are on a cruise ship symbolizes adventure, discovery, and new beginnings.

,However, to dream that a cruise ship has crashed suggests that you feel overwhelmed by changes occurring around you.

,The Biblical Meaning Of Dream About Being On a Boat In a StormThe Biblical meaning of dream about being on a boat in a storm is that there are many worries and troubles in life.

,But you will get through it all.

,This dream indicates that you are strong and brave, and you will overcome any problems that occur when sailing through the sea of life.

,Dreams about storms, for the most part, are negative.

,The stormy seas represent something in your life that is causing you anxiety and fear.

,This event is always accompanied by big waves, and the Biblical meaning of waves in dreams offers a similar explanation.

,If there is a tsunami, then it represents even greater fear.

The storm could be related to your job, family, or any other aspect of your life.

,However, these troubles should not worry you, because they will only be insignificant problems of everyday life.

,So, when you dream about being on a ship during a storm, it is a sign that warns you about upcoming bad events.

,The Biblical Meaning Of Dreams About Boats SinkingIf you are having dreams about boats sinking, it may mean that you have recently had a bad emotional experience in your waking life.

,You may need to go back through your memories and look for clues about what could be happening in your life right now to cause this dream to occur.

,Another possible reason for this type of dream is that it may indicate the presence of some deep-seated fears that you have within yourself.

,Even though it may not seem like it at the time, there could be something deep within your psyche that is causing you to feel fearful or anxious.

,The biblical meaning of dreams about boats sinking suggests that you need to work harder to keep your head above water.

,If you are lost at sea, this indicates that you need to put more effort into finding your life path.

,In the Bible, boat symbolism is used in relation to a place of refuge and safety.

,It is also associated with the provision of food and other necessities.

However, it is often used in connection with escape or rescue.

,Therefore, the Biblical meaning of boats in dreams that are sinking, implies that you will either be having problems with your finances or relationships.

,Maybe there is something happening in your life that is making you feel insecure and uncomfortable.

,On the other hand, you may be facing various challenges at work or home that make you stressed out.

,You might even be experiencing some difficulties at school or college which are causing you distress.

,What Do Boats Represent In The Bible?In many places in the Bible, the boat represents a place where we can rest and take some time out from our every day worries.

,In this way, it is like prayer, meditation, and contemplation.

,The world can be very stressful and overwhelming at times; we need places where we can step back for a moment and gather ourselves together again before going on with our journey.

,Who Built The Boat In The Bible?Noah built the boat in the Bible.

There is a great story in the Bible about Noah, known as a righteous man and a preacher of righteousness.

,After God decided that he would destroy the wickedness of man due to their constant sinning against him, Noah was told by God to build an ark for himself, so his family and the animals could be saved from the flood.

,ConclusionThe Bible is one of the best places to turn for answers about our dreams and Godu2019s interpretation of them.

Scripture is clear that He does speak through our dreams.

,The Biblical meaning of boats in dreams suggests that they can be a symbol of biblical principles or even spiritual journeys.

They may also signify a personu2019s position in life and his station in society.

dreaming about big waves/tsunami

If its true for one person why couldnt it be true for an entire city,Emotions can be very destructive and feelings,The results are not in how covid has affected the mass unconsciousness take a look at the demonstrations and riots and the takeover of the capital there was not a brain in the bunch!!!

Spiritual meaning of ocean waves

u2018Spiritual awakening,u2019 like u2018enlightenmentu2019 or u2018moksha,u2019 is just a concept.

,There is only This.

,Seeing through the illusion of u2018separateness,u2019 resulting in complete collapse, is sometimes called u2018spiritual awakeningu2019 or u2018enlightenment.

u2019,But since This Whole was All there ever was, any appearance that something separate u2018awoke,u2019 something u2018changedu2019 or u2018happened,u2019 would, obviously, also be illusion.

,No 1st, or later, awakening or u2018enlightenmentu2019 ever takes place.

,Nothing ever happened.

,This Whole just goes on being This Whole.

,u2018Human mindu2019 will take this denouement as either meaning life is purposeless & boring, or that the illusory ego-mind can never end its u2018sufferingu2019 through some spiritual path and u2018awakening.

u2019,So it will argue, vehemently, that this is not true.

,Doubtless, right here on Quora.

(Already happened many times:-),A water droplet, flung from the apex of a cresting ocean wave, may momentarily u2018experienceu2019 itself as a u2018separate entity.

u2019 In u2018no time,u2019 it falls back into the sea.

,Did an u2018awakeningu2019 take place? u2018Enlightenment?u2019 u2018Self-realization?u2019,No.

,There was no u2018drop.

u2019,Only sea water.

Dream of blue water waves

I thought I was alonenAs I counted the endless wavesnAs I stood confrontingnThe deep blue mountainsnAs I drew patternsnIn the clouds in an open blue skynAs I weaved my dreamsnAs blue petals in midnight skynAs I sank inside myselfnInto the deep blue waters.


nIt suddenly appearednYou have always nBeen therenYou have always nRevealednYou always had answersnyou always confidednAlways wonnand alwaysnStranded menOut of the blue