What does a dream of a chasing a rat mean?

Dreaming of rats meaning

Gratitude and Dua,Ibu2019n Sireen, in his great book, u201cTau2019abeer ur Rou2019iyau201d says:,A mouse in a dream is a hypocrite woman who is superficially nice.

If the dreamer kills the rat, it is not good.

If the dreamer sees many rats, it means many superficial and cunning women gathering near him/her,My advice is to offer two rakau2019at nafu2019l and then give in chari

Spiritual meaning of killing rats in a dream

Dreams are a personal experience.

Symbols are a personal experience.

Without more information this question is lost.

,u201cIf you must make use of books with u2018this animal means thatu2019 entries, remember they are limited by their authoru2019s knowledge and biases as well as whatever a given totem tells the authoru2014it may not be what a totem wants to tell you.

u201d,~ Lupa.

u201cNature spirituality from the ground up: Connect with totems in your ecosystem.

u201d,There is no concrete definition of any symbol.

It is set up for you to interpret how it fits into your life, to offer a new idea, to gain insight, to resonate, remind you of an inner knowing.

,I am here because I want to help people move into a new light when working with their dreams.

By helping people like you to open the doors and windows to the inner workings, we will advance and evolve as a species.

,From a frequent flyer perspective of the dream space, the question of, u201cwhat does it mean to dream of a man in a black coatu201d, for example, is not only uninteresting but loses value without being held up by the dreamer, with the nature of dreaming at its back.

,Though the dream space is complex and can mean many things, we are at the apex of transformation and what we need is a new idea about the nature of dreaming as it applies to energy and multidimensionality.

,As one travels out into the dream world, they choose from an infinite number of symbols and images from their own experience.

Everything that happens in dreams is a result of oneu2019s own experience through a lifetime and beyond.

The subconscious fabric of dreams is a reflection of oneu2019s own vibration.

Even if two people had the exact same imagery and symbolism within a dream, the experience of it would be unique to them.

When you and I experience a rat in a dream, it may be joyous to me and repulsive to you.

The rat may represent that which is dirty or resourceful.

When it appears in my dream it may have a connection to my work, or to remind me that I am a resourceful person, or to a friend that I associate with having u201cdirtu201d.

When you wake up from a dream, you do your best to bring back some essence of what has happened.

I may match the vibrational quality or u201cessenceu201d of a rat to someone or something in my current state of being.

,There is a need for all of us to have a new idea on the nature of dreaming.

There is a need for people to look at themselves and ask the questions that they think someone else can answer.

,I cannot, in anyway, tell a single person for sure what any dream image, symbol, or meaning of events has for them.

What I can do is offer suggestions, share my experience with looking a metaphors, I can share my practices and the knowledge I have gained from doing the internal exploration.

And I can help with ideas about the nature of dreaming.

I can share an intuitive ability to see a personu2019s energy and offer an objective view about what I think is happening in their energy field and belief systems.

But none of that can be done effectively with one image combined with no information about the individual.

,Each one of us is multidimensional.

How many memories and experiences do you think that is? Itu2019s an infinite number.

And itu2019s happening in one now moment.

And each one of us is shifting and changing every now moment.

To actually identify the meaning of one image for a particular person is extremely difficult.

In addition, anyone willing to help another with a deep understanding of the dream is more likely to help when the dreamer has met them part way.

This means offering any kind of insight they may have about the dream, or a little about themselves.

Such as whether they are happy or not, if they enjoy their life, if they had a previous experience with the dream image, how often do they invest in their dreamtime in general? In your case maybe state what a snake makes you think of.

,There are many ways in which a dreamer can get help with understanding a dream.

And many can browse a dream dictionary and get a definition.

However, my own experience and my own beliefs about our dream space is that the dictionaries are only suitable for a general addition to getting into the groove with metaphors.

Dreaming is a complex interstellar exploration of our consciousness.

It is perhaps us in our truest form.

It is ourselves in the state of being without our physical bodies.

It may be the template level reality.

It may be the place where we exist as a light body.

It may be where we traverse time and space and conduct energy for the playfulness of it and become one again with all that is.

And it may be where we go when we leave our physical bodies.

,When you can look at the possibility of dreams in this way, the reflection of one particular image cannot be separated from other events of who you are.

One dream images exists in the matrices of all that is.

It requires a deeper look and a deeper look across what we know of time.

We all have the ability.

And we all would do well to incorporate that knowing within ourselves.

,If we are compelled to ask what does the rat mean? We know something has touched us.

We know something else is at work.

We have big dreams that change our lives; we take pause and have a desire to investigate this inner force.

For, once this inner knowing is loved and nurtured then we reconnect with a higher consciousness and reintegrate knowledge.

We come to understand our responsibility to the generation, to make this part of our DNA.

To bring balance back to ourselves and ground ourselves in this beautiful planet.

Why do we have this connection to our dreams if not to remind ourselves of our internal knowing and from whence we came? How could we stay connected to our higher knowing if not for the gift of dreams?,So ask yourself, u201cWhat does the snake represent?u201d u201cWhat do I know of this symbol that makes it important right now in my life?u201d Who or what is the snake? How can I look within and seek this understanding? What can I learn? Itu2019s you who has the knowing.

,All are loved.

Rats in dreams Hindu mythology

Let me have the privilege to remind you all, the Incident of Hindu Idols Drinking Milk in Indian Temples .

It didnu2019t happened once but many times.

Scientists tried their theories (Capillary action) but not to the level of satisfaction.

They could not repeat the mass occurrence of incident at their will.

,u201dFor those who believe, an explanation is unnecessary.

nFor those, who donu00b4t believe, an explanation is impossible.

u201dn- St.

Bernadette of LourdesNever before in history has a simultaneous miracle occurred on such a global scale.

Television stations (among them CNN and BBC), radio and newspapers (among them Washington post, New York Times, The Guardian and Daily Express) eagerly covered this unique phenomenon, and even sceptical journalists held their milk-filled spoons to the statues of gods - and watched as the milk disappeared.

,It all began on September 21st when an otherwise ordinary man in New Delhi dreamt that Lord Ganesha, the elephant-headed God of Wisdom, craved a little milk.

Upon awakening, he rushed in the dark before dawn to the nearest temple, where a skeptical priest allowed him to proffer a spoonful of milk to the small stone image.

Both watched in astonishment as it disappeared, magically consumed by the God.

,Other Similar Occurrences,August 20/21, 2006, January 13/14, 2008, September 21/23, 2010,Apart from the this there exists a series of miracles that have their own story to tell taken from,A land of strange tales and legends!The world is full of myriad temples, churches, shrines and other sacred places.

Some of these places are splendid creations, inspiring wonder in all those who look at them and then there are others that arouse a completely different sensationu2026something mysterious and mystical! Take a look at this jaw-dropping compilation of the most unusual Hindu temples.



get set to be awed!,1.

The secret of ChidambaramThillai Natarajah Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva located in the town of Chidambaram, East-Central Tamil Nadu, South India.

It is one of the Five Elements temples; particularly it is the temple of the Akasha Linga (or the Sky element) - the other four being Fire, Earth, Air and Water.

Being an Akasa Linga, the main deity in the sanctum is invisible or rather, not present! There is simply a curtain behind which an empty space exists where the Lord is supposed to dwell!,2.

Chidambaram RahasyamChidambara Rahasyam is a Hindu belief that there is a secret message conveyed through the embossed figure near the shrine of Shiva in the Chidambaram Temple.

However, some believe that Chidamabara Rahasyam is when during Puja, the priest just draws open the curtain (Maya) for a split second to let devotees see the Linga, with the inherent lesson that God is everywhere and not just in a specified place in a temple!,3.

Panakala Narasimha Swamy templePanakala Narasimha Swamy temple is situated on the top of Mangalagiri hill on the Vijayawada-Guntur road, Andhra Pradesh.

The Lord that is worshipped here is Lord Vishnu in Narasimha avatar.

As per the baffling custom of this temple, jaggery water is poured into the mouth of the statue of the Lord and He shows that he is fully satisfied when half of the water is thrown back from the mouth of the idol as Prasadam.


The mystery behind Panakala Narasimha Swamy templeWhile jaggery water is poured into the mouth of the Lord a gurgling sound is clearly audible as if the idol is actually drinking it.

In addition, despite the fact that so much jaggery and jaggery water touches the floor, there is not a single ant that is seen near the hill.


The Simhachalam TempleThis temple is located near Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, and is dedicated to Lord Narasimha u2013 an incarnation of Vishnu.

The idol has to be covered with sandalwood paste to reduce the intensity of the Lords fiery nature all through the year, except one day.

On that particular day, the temple priests would remove the sandalwood paste covering the idol and the idol can be seen in its original form nijaroopa darshan (holy appearance).

It is said that this day will be the hottest day in Visakhapatnam.


The Garuda Hill in TirumalaThe Garuda Hill in Tirumala, the abode of Lord Venkateswara, features a natural rock formation that is in the form of Garuda (the eagle).

Incidentally, Garuda is also the vehicle of Lord Venkateswara.


Shiva Temple (Submerged Temple)In Varanasi near the Scindia Ghat one can get a glimpse of a temple that people can associate with Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Along the banks of Ganga, bordering the Manikarnika to the north in Scindia Ghat, there is a tilted Shiva temple.

It lies partially submerged in the river.

It is said the temple fell as a result of sheer weight of the ghatu2019s construction in 1830.


Stambheshwar Mahadev (The Disappearing Temple)Stambheshwar Mahadev Temple is situated about 40 miles from Vadodara in the small town of Kavi Kamboi of Gujarat.

It is located within the Bay of Khambhat in the Arabian Sea.

This temple of Lord Shiva can only be visited during the low tide hours.

In the hours of high tides it remains mostly submerged.

People flock this temple in large numbers to witness the event of submerging or reemerging of the temple from the sea.


Tatwani TempleTatwani is about 25 km from Dharamshala is known for its waterfalls and hot springs.

There is a particularly famous hot spring pool built within an ancient Hindu temple complex.

It is mandatory for the visitors of the temple to take a dip in the hot springs.

The water of the spring is just adequately warm and is believed to possess healing properties.

The pool shown here is only for men.

There is also a womenu2019s only pool complete with small fishes inside the temple complex.


Khabees Baba TempleDevotees of Khabees Baba Temple of Uttar Pradeshu2019s Sitapur district offer liquor to the deity.

The temple has no idol or a priest.

Locals say that the temple was built 150 years ago to worship Khabees Baba, who was an ardent Lord Shiva devotee.

Khabees Baba used to drink in the evening and could cure peopleu2019s illnesses while drunk.


Jwala Ji TempleJwala Ji shrine is located in the lower Himalayan town of Jawalamukhi in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh.

Done in the traditional Jwala temple style of a four cornered building with a small dome on top, it holds in its center a hollowed stone in which a flame has been burning for hundreds of years.


Karni Mata TempleKarni Mata Temple otherwise known as the rat temple is in a small town of Deshnok in Rajasthan.

The temple is dedicated to Goddess Karni, an incarnation of Goddess Durga.

As per the legend, when her youngest son drowned, she asked Yamraj (the god of death) to bring him back to life.

When Yamraj denied her request, she herself brought her son back to life and proclaimed that none of her family members would die and they would in fact incarnate in the form of rats.


Worshipping the ratsThe temple dates back to 15th century and was built under Maharaja Ganga Singhu2019s rule of Bikaner.

Temple houses around 20,000 rats that are fed, protected and worshipped.

Rats can be seen here eating from huge metal bowls of milk, sweets and grains, the leftovers of which are offered to the visitors.

A glimpse of white rats (believed to be manifestations of Karni Mata herself and her four sons) is considered auspicious and fruitful.


Hanging Pillar of Lepakshi templeThe small historical village of Lepakshi is home to many ancient relics and architectural marvels.

One of them is the Hanging Pillar of the Lepakshi temple.

Amongst the 70 pillars of the temple, one hangs without any support! Visitors pass objects under the pillar to check if the claim is true.

According to locals, passing objects under the pillar brings prosperity to ones life.


Virupaksha TempleThe Virupaksha Temple in the city of Hampi in India started out as a small shrine and grew into a large complex under the Vijayanagara rulers.

It is believed that this temple has been functioning uninterruptedly ever since the small shrine was built in the 7th century AD which makes it one of the oldest functioning Hindu temples in India.

The largest entrance tower of the temple is 50 meters high.


Shani ShignapurShani Shignapur is a village located about 35 km from Ahmednagar of Maharashtra.

This village is known for its popular temple of Shani, the epitome of Hindu god of the planet Saturn who is worshipped with supreme reverence and devotion.

The uniqueness of this small village is that none of the houses in this village has doors for safety.

The people here believe that it is the blessing of the god that no crime ever happens in this village.


Dog TempleA community in Channapatnas Ramanagar district has erected an unusual temple in honour of mans best friend.

The temple to the dog has been built in a small village in Chennapatna taluk of Ramanagar district.

It is 60 kilometers from Bangalore and perhaps this is the only temple built in modern times dedicated to a canine.

Villagers believe that the dog can stop any wrong doing.

They say that the dog is always with the village deity and works alongside the goddess.


Floating Stones of RameshwaramLocated on Pamban Island, and separated from the Indian mainland by the Pamban Channel, the little town of Rameshwaram has great significance in Hindu mythology.

It is from here that Rama is believed to have built a bridge across to Lanka to rescue Sita.

Stones used to build this bridge had Ramas name engraved on them and they never sank in water.

The curious fact is that such floating stones are still found around Rameshwaram!,19.

The only Brahma temple in the worldOne of the five sacred dhams for Hindus, Pushkar is the only place in the world with a temple dedicated to Brahma, as only a few of them remain since most of them were destroyed by Aurangzeb.

The temple is situated close to the Pushkar Lake and is believed to be 2000 years old.

There is a silver turtle set on the floor facing the Girbha-griha, leading up to the deity.


Bullet RajaIn this temple, that lies in a village called Bandayi (about 40 km from Jodhpur), thereu2019s no idol to worship.

Here, people bow their heads in front of a bike which they believe have supernatural powers.

u2018Om Bannau2019 was a local youth of village Bandayi who died in a road accident.

His spirit is believed to protect other drivers and prevent them from meeting the same fate.


Khairi wali Mata TempleThis temple is located in Datia (Madhya Pradesh).

Legends related to this temple say that the temple was built by the King of Datia upon being instructed to do so by a Goddess in his dreams.

It is also claimed that the goddess appears in the form of a girl child in the morning, a young lady in the afternoon and as an old woman in the evening, in order to bless her devotees.

The deities here are also known to have special powers to protect devotees from evil spirits and black magic.


Mehandipur Balaji TempleMehandipur Balaji Temple in Rajasthan is located in Dausa of North India.

The temple is dedicated to Lord Hanuman.

The legends say that the deity in this temple has divine power to cure a person possessed with evil spirit.

One can also say that Shri Bala Ji Maharaj saves his devotees from unfavorable planetary configurations.


A court for the evilIt is believed that long ago the image of Lord Balaji along with Pret Raja - the King of spirits appeared from the Arawali hills.

Since then, the people suffering from malignant spirits and black magic or spell get their relief when they make an appeal at the temple for relief.

Bhairav nath and Pret Raj holds a special court and awards punishment to the malignant spirits, ghosts, goblins, ghouls, evil eyed witches, etc.


The unusual happenings at the Jagannath Puri templePopular as one of the four dhams, Puri sees millions of devotees throng the Jagannath Temple premises throughout the year seeking the blessings of Lord Jagannath.

Here are some of the amazing and interesting facts about the place: The flag atop the temple always flaps in the opposite direction of air.

From any place in Puri you will always find the Sudarshan Charka (Charka at top of Temple) facing you and no bird or planes fly above the temple.


Amazing but true!The shadow of the main dome is invisible at any time of the day.

In the temple kitchen, 7 pots are kept one on top of another and cooked on firewood; however, the contents of the top pot get cooked first.

After entering from Singhadwarau2019s first step (from inside the Temple), you cannot hear any sound produced by the ocean.

But, when you cross the same step (from outside the Temple) you can hear it.


Land of snakesShetpal village in Sholapur district of Maharashtra, is known for snake worship.

This village has a custom that can be only described as frightful.

Each house in this village has a resting place for Cobras in the rafters of their ceilings.

No cases of snake bites have been reported in this village despite snakes moving about freely in every household.


Kal Bhairav Nath TempleKal Bhairav Nath is the guardian deity of the city of Ujjain.

The temple is well known for its deity who guzzles wine by the gallons.

The main offering to the deity is wine.

It is also the only Prasad given to the devotees.

Liquor is poured into the mouth of deity.

Devotees throng to this temple bearing bottles of wine as an offering.

Liquor is available 365 days a year outside the temple.

The temple is said to have been built by the Marathas.


Ravana TempleThe Ravana Temple is unusual to many Indians as in the Hindu mythology Ravana is depicted as a demon who kidnapped Sita.

This might be true to others but not for people of Ravangram village in Vidisha district.

The people of Ravangram village worship an ancient 10 feet idol of Ravana in a reclining position.


Gomateshwara StatueThe monolithic statue of Gomateshwara stands above all else at 60 feet.

Carved out of a single block of granite, it is so huge that it can be seen even from 30 kms away.

Gomateshwara was a Jain saint, who according to legend, was the first human in his half time cycle to attain liberation.

Standing at the feet of this massive monolith, looking up, youll understand how big the world really is, and how small we are in comparison.

Brown rat dream meaning

Dan was dozing off at night, he saw a big brown rat enter his house, it was a vision.

Many problems followed; quarrels with his wife, machines failing, losses etc.

A rat means a destructive thing in life, if is white then it is something that looks good but still destructive.

,If you killed a large rat, youu2019ll overcome large problems and hindrances.