Is everyones experience of color the same?

Yellow color meaning personality

Let me start with a bit of semantics that it isnt really a question of whether the shades you see are the same or different.

Its a question of the actual colors.

Shades are just the color with a percentage of black added to it, just as tints are just the color with a percentage of white added to it.

,,nThere is actually active discussion over whether or not everyones color wheel is in sync.

The order of the colors has to be the same, otherwise things like complementary palettes wouldnt work.

But, the wheels themselves might actually be rotated.

,That would potentially mean that what I perceive as:n,You might perceive as:,,nRecent studies have shown that our evolved perceptions of color do not directly correlate to how our cones sense color - perceptions are not predetermined by wavelength.

,So, its possible your blue is not someone elses blue.

The jury is still out.