What is the most memorable or chilling historical fact for you?

modern built-in bars for the home

It is widely believed that fast food bars are a modern invention.

However, ancient Rome does not quite agree with this statement.

,The first recipe for an ancient burger can be found in the cookbook Apicius, written in the first century CE.

More often, however, the name u201cOn the Subject of Cookingu201d is used.

The precursor of the modern burger is called u201cisicia omentatau201d, and it was made of minced meat, wine and pepper, it was also generously poured with garum, a Roman fish sauce.

,More importantly, Pompeii contains the remains of various fast-food restaurants.

You could buy both alcohol and cheap food, very often taken to take away.

Such places were open directly to the street, and their decor was confusingly modern.

This is also emphasized by the fact that some were built in such a way that a potential customer could buy food without leaving the cart.

This is a kind of drive-through prototype.

,Based on these findings, it is likely that this type of premises could also be found elsewhere in the Roman Empire.

And indeed, it is suspected that they existed in almost all major cities.

,In addition, plates and dishes in homes were often found outside the kitchen and dining room, which were often quite poorly equipped.

Their remains can be found in bedrooms or offices.

This indicates people who lived in a hurry and often ate outside the home.

,It is also worth remembering that the food served in Roman fast food bars was healthier than today, and the hamburger itself was much more nutritious.


Living room corner bar Ideas

The best feeling in the world is to build a place which you can call your own and build it piece by piece, stone by stone.

,Most of us live in our parents house and then move out to probably a hostel room and then house shares.

But everyone dreams of having a place which they can build, decorate and enhance based on their own taste, dream and comfort.

,I always wanted a comfortable, modern yet a very quirky place.

I wanted to have a very soothing and relaxing ambiance where I could just let go of all my worries the moment I step in.

,With help of my husband, I have tried to achieve something which is quirky, unconventional yet very homely suiting to our modern tastes and common preferences.

,This is what my living/drawing room looks like,The vibe is very colourful and chill.

There is a small bar around the corner of the living room to grab a drink and enjoy a nice movie on the weekend,There is a reading corner to have a nice relaxing Saturday afternoon with a cup of coffee to go with,Bedroom number 1,The bedroom is a simplistic one with the tones of green to have a soothing and peaceful essence to the place.

,The corner of the bedroom has a dressing arrangement which is kind of a mandatory for girls,The other bedroom is built on nostalgia and has a lot of references to our likings , interests and is reminiscent of old times.

,I hope you liked the tour of my place.

I have poured my heart to make it a heartwarming place.

,Edit 1: Thank you guys for so much love on this post.

I would like to add some more pictures of the recent developments.

,My Garden decor with hand made paintings ud83dudc93,On special occasions ud83dudc93,A perfect place to do yoga ud83euddd8u200du2640ufe0f,An aesthetic corner in the living room,And a beautiful temple for gratitude ud83dude4f,Image source: Phone gallery ud83dudc93