What are some examples of globalization in everyday life?

Examples of globalization in everyday life

Youu2019re asking a question on the World Wide Web for examples of globalisation?,You are an example of globalisation!

Example of globalization in the Philippines

English as a first/second language - The Philippines has American English as a second language.

So you can be accommodated by almost all establishments.

,Diverse food options - restaurants and chains of all themes can be found here.

4 years ago, indian food stalls started showing up, with the influx of indian students.

This year, Chinese stores that cater to the influx of non-english speaking Mainland Chinese call center agents/casino workers.

,Accommodating culture - Filipinos are friendlier to foreigners, than to their fellow Filipinos.

They go out of their way to help foreigners in need of directions.

,Western Infrastructure in most cities - go to any city in manila, and there is sure to be a mall there.

Those malls tend to be connected to public transport terminals, that can help you navigate around the different cities in the metro.

Public transport spots tend to connect around central business districts of the city, where you tend to live your life around, in your stay.

Example of economic globalization

Every now and then I post this link to Thomas Friedmans lecture given at Yale.

,Its a great modern backdrop to serve as context for any discussion on Globalization today.


Types of globalization

There are many symptoms of climate change however the two types that need to be distinguished are anthropogenic (human activity induced) and geological.

,Geological comes from such things as volcanic eruptions, asteroid impacts and natural cycles.

Historically, for example, our planet has been a dirty little snowball a few times however each time continuing volcanic emissions have reversed it.

,In a sense the Earthu2019s inhabitants have always affected the climate.

The evolution of bacteria affected the atmosphere via their emissions and, as other life such as plants evolved, there was more change.

There were always winners and losers but the pace allowed life to comfortably evolve and continue.

,This distinguishing factor between then and now was this happened sufficiently slowly that ecosystems had a chance to evolve with the change.

Whatu2019s different this time is human activity is inducing such rapid change that evolution canu2019t keep up.

,This applies to every facet of life from species to the evolution of our civilisations.

Natural systems change isnu2019t linear.

There are tipping points where a system goes from one state to another (E.


The Atlantic conveyor ceasing to flow.

),The only precedents for this are the mass extinctions induced by asteroid impacts and each time the dominant species disappeared.

Characteristics such as fast breeding and hogging of resources that once assisted a species colonisation of the planet became a liability.

,Whatever happens life will continue on this planet (short of us irradiating it so itu2019s uninhabitable) however the homo sapiens place is not reserved and could easily cease to exist.

What is globalization in business

Globalization: when a businessman crosses the geographical boundary (can be in terms of political, geographical, cultural etc.

) of a country.

A businessman basically, collects and converts the inputs (using, Land, Labor, Raw material, Capital, Entrepreneurship, technology,etc.

) into outputs (production of goods and services) and finally sells that output to the customers.

,Globalization in business, means, businessman now can take the inputs from the globe at low cost and high quality.

In similar manner he can sell this output not only to his domestic customers but to his global customers.

, he can set up business at global level rather than at domestic level,, wider distribution at global level to serve customers around the globe, Now he can be a global businessman instead of being a particular countrys businessman.




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Cultural globalization examples

different countries have different softpower:,United states: hollywood music, american pop music are everywhere.

,United Kingdom: british nusic, british movies, british literature, etc are quite widespread,Japan: japanese anime are quite mainstream these days,korea: hallyu wave, kpop music, k dramas are actually quite widespread,China: you can see chinese food like everywhere.

some countries even claim chinese foods as their national foods,I think thats the common case of contemporary cultural globalization.

check out the book mcdonaldization of society