Would you live or retire in a tiny house?

Cheap kitchen storage ideas

I am currently on a job site and will be here for 4 months.

I am living in a RV trailer that would make a great tiny home except a few things:,1.

the RV insulation sucks, it was very cold in Iowa in March and it is getting hot now (the AC is noisy and needs repair)n2.

the general quality looks good but is cheap.

Cheap faucets, cheap shower, cheap furniture, cheap furnace, cheap everythingn3.

the RV plumbing is a challenge, especially since we need to request black water dumping and our gages are only so accuraten4.

this unit is a few years old.

Some components look good, but other are worn out / damaged requiring specialized parts - like the broken door latch that makes airing out the house challenging on windy days - which are common.

The operable windws and roof vents are a challenge of their own.


The kitchen is small.

Its ok for a casual meal but not for a standard multi-course production,6.

The furniture is compact and designed to change into small beds.

The dining room table is cramped and the sofa is barely comfortable.

If comfort is important cheap furniture will influence your lifestyle.

You live the compromise.

,There are many other compromises but to answer your question:,With just me the home is acceptable.

However - when my wife visits its a challenge.

She can stand the trailer for about 6 days, then back to home she goes.

,We have been married for 35 years so we have learned to live with each other like and old loving couple, because we are.

We both engage with each other, and joke around, as well as live around each other.

There are times we are intimately together and other times we need to be space separated, i.


when one is reading and the other is watching a movie or engaging in other interests.

,As an example I need a few minutes of quiet time to finish up work correspondence and set the stage for the next day.

So our chalet is a ok for 1 person (me), but a challenge for even a seasoned couple full time - unless you have more then one living space.

Or used the TH as a crash pad and spend most of your time away.

(In Mason City Iowa?),This unit has about 50 cubic feet of storage in cabinets and cupboards.

That does not include the 7 long bedroom closet, which may add another 50 cubic feet of easily accessible storage.

That is sufficient for me.

But most tiny homes have far less.

(I will use some of the RV storage ideas in the tiny home Im building),The RV has sliders.

They greatly increase the inside usable space.

We dont feel cramped.

,I work on construction projects being gone 4-18 months at a time.

The tiny house I am building will minimize the above problems and issues - but NO I could not live in a tiny home full time.

,In the TH I will save $$$ and I can design around our needs: increased insulation, higher quality, better windows, two living spaces, bigger kitchen, ample storage, sliders, regular plumbing with maceration unit (etc.


But eventually I need to return to my house.

That is our home.

,in my TH world I need to accept my wifes visiting me.




,With a customized design her TH limits may extend - time wise - maybe to a few weeks.

,But she has learned from the experience.

It is a lot better then her original decree I will NEVER live in a tiny home.

But to tell the truth living in a hotel room, renting a room (i.

e Airbnb) or renting an apartment are even less appealing - even for the the duration of my short projects.

Moving a TH close to the work site has many advantages.

,So my limit for TH living would a few months, maybe 6-8.

Just right for a small project.

,I am currently on my 3rd month in this rental RV.

It is still enjoyable at this point.

When I was younger and single my limits might be a little longer.

Maybe a few years, provided I was single and planning to stay single.

But once dating lead to a relationship the tiny home surely would have joined the discussion.

(I guess my interest of tiny homes does not extend to the point that they control my life - too much),We would not have started our family in one (we have 4 kids).

But that is my Family and you asked it I would live in a TH.

So call me a part timer.

And note this is my second home, a short stay accomodation, where our main home is just 6 hours away.

,So if you are considering full time TH living you may try the RV challenge first.

You will learn a lot.



if you live near Mason City Iowa, come visit.

,Edited for typos.


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