Donu2019t you think Putin will lose in an oil price war against Saudi Arabia?

Crude Oil price chart 10 years

Putin is applying pressure on the House of Saud during the lead up to what appears to be a transition in power (EXCLUSIVE: Second member of key Saudi council arrested in MBS purge).

,Russiau2019s foreign exchange reserves have largely recovered from the last price war, which saw them drop from $450B to $300B.

,Source: Russia Foreign Exchange ReservesConsider the above chart with this image of 10-year Brent crude oil prices.

,Source: Brent Crude Oil Prices - 10 Year Daily ChartNote that after the 2014 drop Putin restructured the Russian federal budget around an oil price of $50/barrel, as opposed to $100/barrel, dropping a lot of projects, especially naval military projects.

,If Brent crude stays in the $30-$40/barrel range, Putin will draw down his foreign exchange reserves to keep the pressure on the House of Saud.

If he could cause the collapse of Saudi Arabia, or better yet cause chaos in the Middle East, his own oil would become an incredibly powerful strategic political tool, as well as a way to fund his vision of a return to Soviet strength.

,Sou2026will Putin win or lose this oil price war?,Russia has achieved victory in every real war due to one quality that overwhelms its adversaries - the willingness of its people to endure suffering.

,The people of Saudi Arabia have not shown that in recent times.

,I believe Russia will continue to keep the pressure on, trying to influence the transition of power within the House of Saud, until it succeeds or the transition shows itself to have been completed successfully despite Putinu2019s best efforts.

And I believe the House of Saud will strive to make the transition complete as quick as possible.

Historical Oil prices by month

He told everybody about the great deal he made a month ago with Russia and Saudi Arabia to shore up the oil price and solve the problem.

,Oil was u00a330 a barrel then, now they are paying you to take it away.

,Who knew that Donald Trump - largely funded by Russia and Saudi Arabia - would be completely ineffectual in achieving his goal?

Price of oil per barrel 2022

Since it is already down to $4.

75 per gallon of regular unleaded gasoline, it has fallen 5% from $5.

00 a gallon.

This means the price per barrel was close to $120 per barrel, too.

Also, if per barrel prices rise to $135 per barrel, then unleaded regular should be about $5.

40 per gallonu2026.

a nd thersfter reach $6.

00 per gallon soon.

,Would this continue ?,I really would not know.

,My opinion says that oil demand will continue, but because the nation consumes 300,000,000 or 300 million gallons of various gasolines per day or in 24 hours, we will need to watch those numbers, too.

,I assume it is doubtful that a fossil-fuel dependent country would lessen their demand of hydrocarbons for what ?,More purchases of electrical vehicles ?

Crude Oil price chart 2022 monthly

BEIJING: High inflation rates are hitting all nations and regions across the globe.

China is no exception to the rule.

The domestic economy is getting hit by two major factors.

The Russia-Ukraine conflict has resulted in the United States imposing massive economic sanctions against Moscow and thereu2019s no end in sight from this aspect.

,Additionally, the Chinese government continues on with its u2018Zero Covidu2019 policy and Beijing could soon undergo Shanghai-style lockdowns.

Shanghai is Chinau2019s most populated city with over 25 million residents and the financial hub of the country; home to the Shanghai Stock Exchange, Shanghai Gold Exchange and Shanghai International Port, one of the busiest shipping ports in our world today.

,Meanwhile Beijing is the capital city where I have lived and worked since October 2010.

I can attest that the city is turning into a ghost town as indoor dining shuttered, schools closed and people are expected to work at home.

,Hence, the economic impact of the Beijing and Shanghai lockdowns will be deep and painful.

From my perspective alone, China will be lucky if they achieve three percent annual GDP (gross domestic product) growth rate this year.

,And as I posted with another answer on Quora, I donu2019t endorse the pro-Zero Covid policy.

Nevertheless, thereu2019s no such thing as a 100 percent flawed policy and when it comes to addressing consumer demand and inflationary pressures, Chinau2019s harsh Covid containment measures could mitigate the current economic challenges.

,Letu2019s review a chart on Brent Crude oil prices for 2022, as of May 6, 2022; Beijing-time:,If you notice: The peak in Brent Crude Oil prices was hit in late March, right before the Chinese government had implemented its fierce lockdown policy on Shanghai.

Many Shanghai residents have remained at their homes under strict quarantines since early April.

,Beijingers could face a similar round of lockdowns.

Accordingly, many drivers are prevented from commuting to their jobs or traveling outside Shanghai.

,It should be noted that the city of Shanghai is believed to have the highest number of wealthy families in China, while its middle class enjoy high income status.

So itu2019s common for many people in the city to have cars.

,I do believe the lockdowns have played a crucial role but cruel method to dampen consumer spending, lower energy consumption and that in return helped the Chinese to suffer much less than others in regards to a high inflationary period that is likely to remain ongoing for another year or longer.

,Beijing has created circumstances for people to work at home while earning their salaries but preventing local residents from spending their incomes on non-essential services such as entertainment and that has resulted in higher savings accounts and lower demand in discretionary spending for many Chinese urban residents.

,We can learn more about how Chinau2019s u2018Zero Covidu2019 policy is impacting the domestic economy from Brink News.

The link is here:,As reported by Brink News:,u201dIt seems like the zero-tolerance policy is starting to have a negative effect on the Chinese economy.

According to official data released last week, Chinau2019s economy expanded 4.

8% in the first three months of this year compared to the same period last year.

However, much of that growth was recorded in January and February only.

Thereu2019s no question the Chinese economy has slowed down, and there are anecdotal reports about certain ports suffering big backlogs and cities that have shut down.

u201dConsequently, China stands poised to overcome the inflationary surge in the next few months ahead but it wonu2019t be easy and thatu2019s for sure.

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