What is normal in the United States that British find weird?

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Bathroom lighting rules

That you dont simply include VAT/sales tax on the price by the product.

Why is it listed separately?,The idea that, following a clearance check, you can legally own a gun and - in some states - carry it around in clear view.

,Jaywalking: in the UK, if the road is clear, who cares if youu2019ve got the green man, just cross.

Heck, who cares if youu2019re not at a crossing point? If its clear, Iu2019ll cross the road at that point.

,Plugs in bathrooms/light switches in bathrooms.

This is a huge no-no in the UK.

(pull cord lights are acceptable).


We dont really go into tipping in the UK.

You might tip a waiter if the service has been acceptable, but generally we donu2019t tip people for doing their job.

,The amount and frequency of commercial breaks - and thatu2019s not even in comparison to the BBC where you get 30 seconds between programs.

,That you have to pay for basic healthcare.

I sprained an ankle in America, took myself to hospital, and then was asked for my credit card details before theyu2019d treat me.

I had travel insurance, and would be able to claim it backu2026 but I limped to the sidewalk and got a taxi the second they started talking about $1,500 for an x-ray.

Didnu2019t hurt that bad, and I was due on a flight in 48 hoursu2026,In America Iu2019ve found that toast is generally only done on one side.

Which is weird.

,I get that food industries are big lobbyists in Washingtonu2026 but Iu2019ve eaten stuff containing ingredients in America, and then later found theyu2019re banned in the UK and a good portion of the world because of links to cancer.

,American elections - both the amount of money that can be spent on it, and the amount of time that it seems to last.

In the UK, we have stringent rules as to when campaigning can begin, and how much money can be spent on it.

Additionally, on election day, no campaigning is allowed.