What was the rudest thing a guest has ever said or did while visiting your home?

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1970s living room furniture

There had been a fire in my parentsu2019 house.

Fortunately no one was injured and we had ample insurance.

,My parents never had much money so my dad was big on second-hand purchases.

I never really thought about it til now but Iu2019m sure all our furniture was secondhand.

This is a close representation of our 1970s living room pre-fire.

,Once the significant damage had been repaired, we moved back into the house.

My parents had purchased all-new furniture (probably for the first time in their lives) that was very chic for the time.

Love seat instead of a couch, glass-top coffee table, matching chrome chairs.

Very hip!,And my parents were thrilled to show off how hip they were and regularly invited people over to bask in their awesomeness.

,One day I came home from school to find a neighbour visiting who apparently did not find my parentsu2019 aesthetic to their pleasing and had my dear mother moving and rearranging the furniture.

I overheard this neighbour actually say, u201cI wish I had been there when you were shopping.

I could have stopped you from buying all this chromeu201d.

Keep in mind that the u201970s style was all about the chrome!,My mother wouldnu2019t say u201cshitu201d if she had a mouthful of it.

So she moved the furniture as directed.

,And as soon as the neighbour left, she moved it all back.