How miserable is the life of "fail" Singaporean people (those who performed badly in academics)?

Modern bungalow house Design 4 Bedrooms

u201dHello, brother, when you want to come my house, waiting you to design my chicken.

u201d I said,u201d Hi Henry, How about tomorrow at 9.

00 Am?Let me tell you about Henry, a Singaporean friend of mine who I was supposed to design his KITCHEN (a correct word),Henry is my good friend who introduced me to 3 clients, Mr.

Tang, Ah Boh, and Mr.


All of them used to be Henryu2019s bosses who helped run businesses.

,Ah Boh had a used car business.


Tang has a sausage business with a factory in Taipei and Mr.

Lee a also a used car business but has already retired.

u201dAll of them are friends who have many things in common, among others they are Hokkien Chinese, each did badly in school and didnu2019t complete the Ou2019 Level (10th Grade).

,Havenu2019t I mentioned what I did for them?,Mr.

Tang: I designed a 3 story bungalow for him at Jalan Kakatua with 5 bedrooms and a Home theatre in the basement and a billiard room at the attic, and 4- car spaces at the garage.

,Ah Boh: I designed a 3- Story Bungalow with an attic for him, a new house which is just 2 lots away from Mr.


It also has 5 bedrooms and an office on the entire attic floor, with the same 4-car spaces in the garage.


Lee: He bought a smaller plot, a piece of 9,000 Sq.


land on Sixth Avenue and I designed a modern bungalow with the same number of rooms and also 4-car park spaces.

,What about Henry, who only had Primary education and did badly in school at his time?Not only had I designed the extension of his kitchen in a 9,000 sq.


land, a single story bungalow, but I also added another annex of a 2- story building in 2017 for his son who was getting married.

,TOP: Henryu2019s single story house and a newly built annex, a 2-storey block for his son.

(Below),To answer your question: How miserable is the life of fail Singaporean people (those who performed badly in academics?I donu2019t think there are miserable as I visited Mr.

Lee in September 2018, heu2019s just bought a new Mercedes Benz for his wife.

,As for Henry I visited him in January 2019, he needed another extension into the attic floor of his sonu2019s annex as his wife has just given birth to a newborn baby girl.

,Is there any change to Singaporeans in this generation? I donu2019t think so as Singapore has not changed the name of the countryu2026 as yet.

Modern Bungalow House Design with roof deck

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,A bungalow (from Hindi u092cu0902u0917u0932u093e, bangala) is a type of building, originally developed in the Bengal region of the Indian subcontinent.

The meaning of the word bungalow varies internationally.

Common features of many bungalows include verandas and being low-rise.

,The word u201cbungalowu201d derives from the Hindi word u201cbangalau201d, which means u201cBengaliu201d, since the architectural form was typical of the Bengal region.

The word entered the English language in the seventeenth century when u201cbungalesu201d were built to house sailors from the East India Company.

,As time passes by, many modifications and enhancements are being introduced by architects and home builders to the traditional bungalow.

They have introduced concrete and glass materials in building it.

They now also make flat roofs, roof decks, and add a lot of modern designs to enhance its form.