Can we use laptop as a display for PlayStation 4?

How to use laptop as monitor for PS4

If you mean using the laptop purely as a u201cscreenu201d, like how a television is used as a display, then no, you cannot use the laptop as a display, because generally all laptops have a HDMI out port, meaning the laptop can display itu2019s screen onto other devices which have a HDMI in port.

,However, you technically can play your PS4 u201conu201d your laptop by installing PlayStation Remote Play and sync it with your PS4, so that you can play your PS4 on your laptop, similar to the PSVita.

You should keep in mind that this requires a strong internet connection, so that there is little to no overall lag between the laptop and the PS4.

,Hope this answers your question!

How to use laptop as monitor for Switch

Yes, it is called KVM switch, try searching in Amazon, you can easily get it.