What are the new house colors for 2021?

Modern house Paint Colors interior 2021

Thanks for the A2A Adam.

I was thinking you meant exterior siding and trim u201chouseu201d colors.

But Deb went in the other direction of interior design colors, so Iu2019ll answer both.

,For Exterior House colors, this varies a bit by area and home style.

If it is a moderately priced home in a traditional style, often the color is supplied via a pre-finished Hardie plank siding.

Most often all of the siding is the same color and the trim paint is some shade of white leaning toward the more white vs more cream colors.

This because the primary full color is not a shade of brown or beige, so the trim has to follow suit by not being a beige tone.

,Most popular is the blue side of gray both in dark and light.

,Of the options available, some are way too dark for 2021 and some are way too light for 2021.

A good middle ground is Evening Blue.

More forgiving than the harsh, dark gray colors and less annoying than the too blue or too gray light colors.

,Ignore the roof on this one and just look at the siding and trim.

:) I donu2019t recommend that roof on that style of home.

But the siding and trim will work well unless one of your near neighbors like across the street or next door have already chosen this.

Again this is for a TRADITIONAL and not a modern home style.

,Works especially well in the colonies with a modest upgrade on the blue of it for a Colonial that is not too far North.

,Worth Noting! If you are doing new siding or building a new house with Hardi Plank vs painting your existing siding, DO go for the SMOOTH version and not the original stamped to look like wood grain version.

This is ultra important for 2021.

,If you have a smallish house further North in New England like New Hampshire or Maine, you can get a bit bolder with the blue color and more away from the grays which donu2019t work as well there.

This color also works well in Seattle on the older bungalow homes.

We have a lot of houses like these that pop better with a brighter tone and really donu2019t do well with lighter blues and grays most of the time.

,So while gray isnu2019t gone and blue gray is still around, the trend is moving more toward the blue of it than the gray of it for TRADITIONAL homes.

,That said, most of the New Construction I see is MODERN and not traditional.

So letu2019s explore the color trends for modern.

,Most importantly, modern homes generally do better with a few colors vs one overall color as shown above.

There is little room for design difference or interesting trim and railings and porchesu2026so the color is the only tool you have to work with besides a stone feature or other material difference.

Itu2019s not all about PAINT when you are doing modern homes.

,Hereu2019s a good example of how paint and paint color is not the main driver of the style.

,There is no reason you canu2019t use these paint colors on the Traditional homes, but you have to find a way to create the 3 dimensional interest and itu2019s much harder to do on a traditional home than a modern one.

This one is done so correctly itu2019s hard to know where to start to explain it.

,The most forward portion of the house is the darkest.

The most recessed portions of the house are the lightest and the in between depths are the medium shades that bring it together.

Add the massive windows, the bit of wood grain accent and the only way to make this better is they used the wrong garage door.

:) It should have been the typical, modern glass and dark frame door we see often.

But other than thatu2026pretty darned spot on.

,If the house has less interest and you need color to make it work, then you need someone to guide you on color placement or just go to the nearest new homes development and copy the one house that is done right of the many.

Way too many are going all stark white and that is going to get boring real fast.

Hereu2019s one of my favorites for a lesser job than the one above.

Lower cost house overall as to materials and styling would work this way.

,Iu2019m having a hard time finding one that is done well.

LOL! When it comes to modern homes, you have to view a LOT of bad before you discover a good one.

,I give up.

I canu2019t find one Modern style home that uses paint vs varied finish types to create the interest a modern house needs added.

Hereu2019s an example of why not.

,Bottom line is if you want or have a Modern Design home, you have mix up the surface types with paint and paint color being secondary to the other finish types like wood look tile or stone accents and then the paint has to be selected accordingly.

,Yesu2026there are some saying Greens and Purples are the NEW hot colors for 2021.

But you donu2019t want to go with a fad like they did 15 year ago with all of the yellows and oranges of an Arizona landscape that just looked horrible within 5 years.

,Upgrade the too gray to more blue in the gray and call it a day.

House Color Design outside

It sounds very graphic.

Agree with the poster mentioning trying to keep things clean - black or white will be a nightmare, especially if youre roadside.

Grey furniture can look very chic.

Have you considered metallics? A brushed aluminium furniture set with silver-coloured plantpots could add a little zing to a monochrome scheme.

Add an element of nature and warmth with green shubbery in the planters or if you can stand the heat, add a pop of colour with red/orange flowers and/or cushions.