What is the strangest thing youve found inside of a wall in a home?

20 things found in bedroom

My landlord.

Yes, you read that correctly.

,When I was in my early 20u2019s I rented one side of a duplex.

The duplex was once u201cone homeu201d built in the early 1920u2019s, that had been divided on the ground floor.

The side I rented was a small one bedroom unit.

My landlord, was the owner of the house.

I was a young and pretty blonde and he was a 50 something single, quiet, overweight, kinda strange man.

,I remember first noticing something strange in the walls and ceilings while laying in bed in the dark.

There was u201clightu201d seemingly coming through small cracks or holes.

They were too small and high up to see through.

I also noticed that my landlord was quite active at night.

I could hear him walking around on his side of the house late at night.

,One evening I came home and peeled off my workout clothes and jumped in the shower.

While showering there were tiny pieces of white flakes falling from the ceiling on to me while showering.

Just as I looked up, my landlord u201cCliffu201d fell through the ceiling into my bathroom!!! He scrambled up with his video camera and ran out of the house.

I was left with a huge hole in the ceiling and sat wrapped in the shower curtain completely freaked out and shaking.

I called the police.

They came in and crawled into the hole to find u201cCliffu2019s camera equipment and some of my underwear!u201d I was horrified!!!!,I had no recourse.

Apparently since u201cCliffu201d owned the home, he could do whatever he wanted in his house.

He had been spying on tenants for some time I am sure.

My only recorse I was told was moving out.

I did so immediately.

,I still shiver to this day 25 years later knowing he had been in my house and my underwear drawer when I was not home snooping around.

Also, over 6 months I lived there how many photos or videos he had taken of me? Yuk!,No wonder the rent was so affordable.

Bedroom vocabulary

I grew up in a house with four other people.

The only one who never bothered me was my younger brother.

My dad would sometimes knock, knowing girls need privacy, especially 13-year-olds who are developing more womanly and less girlish body parts, aka boobs.

If he didnt knock, he would come to the door and say my name, or wait for me to exit the room to speak to me.

,My older brother tormented me, as did my mother.

Privacy wasnt in their vocabulary.

They would burst in at any given time, because even though the doors locked (press in the knob and twist), we werent allowed to use them.

My brother was a bully toward me, just a nasty little shit, obsessed with humiliating me.

At age 13, it was evident that I have two backs, flat as a pancake, I have no breasts.

But he wanted to make sure, so he could continue to remind me that I dont have any.

My mom wasnt much better, and she was also a control freak who u201cneededu201d to be able to enter at her own will, and would beat on the door or try to break it down.

,Even up until age 18, when I was in high school, no locked door unless I was changing clothes, and that shouldnt be for more than 5 to 10 minutes.

Locked doors, to my mom, meant I was getting into trouble.

I never got in trouble, I cant stress this enough.

If I fussed at someone to knock before throwing open the door, I was met with, u201cI dont have to knock! This is my house!u201d Theres really nothing like getting involved in reading a book, your mind focused, then the door flings open, startling you, derailing train of thought, distracting you from a different world where all bedroom doors lock and no one can barge in when they damn well please.

,Side note: Being called a u201clate bloomeru201d or telling your daughter she doesnt have a chest and using that as a reason to walk in at anytimeu2026 Unacceptable and also damaging.

The only time I sprouted was when I gained weight with pregnancy.

The consistent comments toward my lack of chest started at age 9 and went until my early 20s.

Boobs or not, let the kid lock the door.

Unless you know theyre suicidal and/or actively hurting themselves, let the door be locked.

Its not a crime to knock and ask to enter.