I have an artificial Christmas tree with a little amount of silver glitter at the end of the branches. Im decorating it but out of two tinsel garlands that I have, silver and gold, which do you think would look better?

Silver and Gold Christmas Tree Decorations

Personally, I prefer not mixing silver and gold in my decorating.

,But Christmas trees are a bit different.

Sparkle and shine are often more important than adhering to decorating rules.

,So, choose the one you like best, or why not add both? Especially this year, when only your immediate family should be seeing your tree.

White and Gold Christmas Tree Decorations

I think she probably said thatu2019s nice when her decorators said letu2019s go with something more traditional.

,She had approval, but this doesnu2019t look at all like the others she claimed as hers, they were different, dramatic and, to put it plainly weird.

,These are light, bright, in their favorite coloru2026gold.

Nice and Iu2019ll take it over the Handmaiden trees, and the ballet dancers and spooky bare branches any day.

,But one thing puzzles me.

,Is the White House so cold that she has to wear her coat inside too?,Is Trump too cheap to keep the place warm?,Whatu2019s going on with that?