Have you ever been scared for your life and how?

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11 year old bedroom ideas girl

7 years old.

She tells her mother what the new boyfriend.

Mother drags her by the hair, screaming at her that lies are the devils work.

Takes her to the sink and starts washing her mouth out with soap.

Scooping water and soap into her mouth so fast that she cant breathe.

She vomits.

Mother keeps scooping.

Little girl has time to realize she is dyingu2026 and accept it.

Before someone intervenes, throwing her into a room and lockingbit to keep mother out.

Takes the child an hour to get used to the idea that she survived.

,11 years old.

The bullies in the playground start throwing rocks at her.

Throw them so hard she starts bleeding.

She runs into the nearest bathroom and hears the door lock.

She can hear them planning to set a fire outside the door.

They fail before the bell rings.

But she still doesnt manage to escape for another hour.

And then gets in trouble with the teacher who can clearly see her bloody and bruised and panicky in the bathroom,13 years old.

Scary black girl from the other quad heard a rumour that she used the Ni word.

Wrong redhead.

But the scary girl doesnt believe her.

Pulls out a switchblade and literally says u201cIll kill you for that B--u201d our heroine had time to come to peace with it again.

Stares the scary girl right in the eyes and she backs down!,15 yrs old.

Right before homecoming dance our girl says the wrong thing on the bus and meanest kid throws a can of food at her head while everyone else laughs.

She hands the can to the bus driver as she gets off the bus while telling herself mentally u201c dont let your enemy see you cryu201d.

It works.

She doesnt start crying until the bus has turned the corner.

,19 yrs old.

She is changing clothes when she sees a fire in the middle of the massive pile of hoard in her new apartment.

Her mom made her keep all of those items that remind her of bad times.

So she left it in a pile.

But now theres a fire in it.

Taking it over.

She thinks about laying down beside it and letting it burn her up.

But its too hot.

So she gets up and goes to find the fire extinguisher.

And discovers she cant reach it down.

So she calls 911.

The fire is still too hot so she closes the bedroom door between her and it.

The operator tells her to exit the apartment immediately.

She does.

Then she stands right outside the door and realizes her neighbors might be in trouble.

She thinks about that.

,The upstairs neighbors have a beautiful cat.

She runs upstairs to tell them to get out.

Knocks on the door and timidly says u201ctheres a fireu201d.

,The neighbor warns everyone else while our girl just stands there, in shock.

,20 years old.

Our girl comes home to her aunts house, excited because it looks like shell finally be getting those last .

34 credits of math and science she needs to get a high scho diploma.

Her aunt tells her she is about to be committed to a mental hospital.

She gets thrown out instead.

The halfway house tells herq that there is nowhere to go and no one who can help her.

She threatens to set herself on fire to get the help.

They de-escalate the situation and then come up with a solution.

She is being sent 800 miles away to be homeless in a big cityu2026 but they give her the phone number of a therapy program that might help her.

,She is homeless for a full 7 months.

But she also gets into the therapy program.

,While homeless she accepts a ride from an apparently friendly cabby.

He is not friendly.

She ends up with her boots up against the windshield kicking it.

It cracks and he freaks out.

She tells him shell kick again if he doesnt let her out if the GD cab.

,The cop tells her there is no such cab number.

The cop is lying.

,26 now.

Life is better.

She is on a date with a very sweet Christian boy.

A man jumps in front of them waving a gun and screaming at them about giving him .

moneyu2026 they work at Walmart, they dont have any.

So she reaches out and grabs the gun Jacki Chan Style(for details see my responses to the question about how something was supposed to go the other way it actually turned out quite hilarious),The girl in all of these incidents was me.

All of those things and more happened to me.

But those were the only ones that had me u201cscared for my lifeu201d the other bad things didnt scare me quite so badly.