What are the latest kitchen interior design trends in 2021?

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Emerald Green bathroom tiles

The kitchen is one of the most used space in my home and other homes too.

So, every homeowner like me aspires to have a trendy kitchen.

The kitchen trends keep changing with time.

Some of the major kitchen interior design trends of 2021 that I have been following are indicated here for your information.

,u00b7,Kitchen colors u2013 The red, emerald green and pantone colors are the most trendy kitchen colors of 2021.

The red is the most-adopted color for the kitchen as this color is Vastu-approved.

The emerald green color is adopted as this is the color of nature and is also Vastu-approved.

The pantone pair of illuminating yellow and ultimate grey is a striking pair of colors.

This color combination manifests a vibrant kitchen environment.

,u00b7,Stainless steel anti-rust & anti-fungal kitchen u2013 Till now, most of the kitchen were usually made up of plywood.

But in 2021, the stainless steel kitchens are trending as they are resistant to rust, dust and water.

The most obvious advantage of stainless kitchen is that it has anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties.

,u00b7,Door and glass partitions for seamless transitions u2013 The lockdowns have made most of us multi-taskers.

Most of us have juggled several tasks like learning to cook, looking after the kids and also doing office work from home.

Hence, the glass doors and partitions in kitchens are trending in 2021.

,u00b7,Neutral kitchens and statement flooring u2013 The kitchen flooring is all about functionality.

You need to opt for safe floorings that are not very slippery because the kitchen accidents are second common while bathroom accidents are most common in the households.

The 2021 kitchen trends tells more about the usage of Turkish or Moroccan tiles.

,u00b7,Lofty-styled industrial kitchens u2013 The industrial kitchens are trending in 2021 and several homeowners are adopting industrial kitchen styles more and more.