I want to covert a wall in my house into a photo gallery. What are some interesting ideas for doing that on a small budget?

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Small house photos gallery

Thanks for a2a Parth JhaI had planned to do something like from the entrance start putting your pics when you were a baby and slowly as the wall progresses put pics of you growing up.

,nIf you are married you can put your spouses pics parallaly and then meet the two streams with your marriage pics and then kids and go on.




,nHow to do it ?,nSomewhere i had read that you can use Velcro on your wall to put photos in that case you can change the pics if you want.

,nMy Plan is to put curtain holder along the wall and then may be use Velcro to put the pics or attach the pics using magnets (dont know how heavy that can get.

),nI am against pasting the pics on the wall because then the pics cant be reused and replaced.

having some detachable arrangement will make the photo gallery more reusable and it can be dismantled and re set up at any place easily.



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