Does red go good with black?

Black color Combination

Black color combination dress

Charcoal gray works better than jet black, as black does not reflect well on the skin tone in harsh lights.

,Do not shy away from black trousers/waist coats/sweaters, as it has a slimming effect on the body.

,Avoid purple and brown.

It kind of blends with dark skin.

,Off-white shirts are preferable to pure white.

Pure white will accentuate the contrast with dark skin further.

Best accent color for black and white website

Many colors will look good with black and white.

Choosing an accent color depends on the situation and the context.

If you were designing a website for a funeral home you might choose more subdued shades.

You wouldnu2019t pick magenta.

If you were choosing an outfit for an outdoor party perhaps you would pick magenta.

If you were designing something for the automotive industry you might go with red.

If your project pertains to the environment, perhaps you will choose green.

If you are making banners for the local beekeeping society, then youu2019ll probably go with yellow.