How much would it cost to build a small building in a remote village in the Philippines?

Small comfort room design Philippines

Were currently building a house on my girlfriends parents land for when we visit which is frequently.

,Its a simple design.

90sqm, open plan (just one big room) and a comfort room.

Weve made the roof flat from concrete.

We chose to do this because I have a hard time sleeping, and it drowns out a lot of noise when the monsoon rains come as opposed to tiles.

,The rule of thumb is PHP4,500 (US$90.

00) per square metre.

,This includes:,The removal of several tons of soil,All sand, hollow blocks, cement, sand, ballast, various grades of reinforcement steel (or whatever the hell its called),Labour,This will get you as far as the floor, walls and roof done, as well as, in our case, an 8 metre deep X 3m square hole which will be the cesspit.

,Anything over and above that such as windows, doors etc will be extra.

You will also need to get connected to utilities, the cost of which will be dependent on how rural your location is.

,Remember also, we are building on Graces land, so we havent had to buy any.

,On top of that, you may wish to have the building designed by an architect which we have not due to the simplicity of the design which will be extra, I have no idea how much.

,One piece of advice:,I guarantee that you will be approached by friends and family of your loved one, if you have one, telling you that they are all master builders.

They are not, do NOT trust them and do NOT hire them.

Make sure you hire a reputable local company, and before you choose one, have them show you some houses they have already but locally.

Knock on the doors and speak to the owner to verify that.

,I hope that helps.

Small comfort room design and color

Add items that are not only cute but Functional.

Functionality is key.

Items that have a purpose.

,One example would be some cute floor cushions to have stacked in the corner.

Cute design element adding color and or texture as well as extra comfortable floor seating when necessary.

,Indoor plants ud83cudf31This adds not only a pop of color, texture & dimension but acts as natural art.

Itu2019s pleasing to the eye, makes a space comfortable and cozy.

Either a large one to make a statement, or multiple smaller ones (or both wouldnu2019t hurt anything) and if you canu2019t be trusted keeping a plant alive, get a faux one!,Layering Rugs.

This just adds some extra texture and design to a space.

Not necessarily functional, but super cute and interesting and looks intentional.

A visitor might think u201cI wouldu2019ve never thought of doing that, but that looks so good!u201d,Sofa table.

A skinny table behind the couch is a great way to add functionality, and dimension and intentional use of space.

Wether your couch is up against a wall, or in the middle of the room, by adding a skinny table behind it you can add cute decor, a plant, a lamp, a stack of books/ magazines.


etc such as :,Multifunctional coffee table or ottoman.

This piece of furniture is honestly a must if you want a comfortable living room.

However, by making it multifunctional is a huge plus! A great place to put extra throw blankets or board games.

,Floating shelves.

Such a great way to add visual interest to your living as well as functionality!,Artwork.

Artwork does so much to a space and showcases your personal style or an interest of yours.

Itu2019s a great way to incorporate some color in which you can coordinate with somewhere else such as throw pillows!,I hope you found this helpful and will give you some ideas for improving your living room! u2728

Modern comfort room Design

Best living room interiors of 2016The most common choice when it comes to living room design is to choose a sophisticated and personalized decor scheme, which is both nice to watch and comfortable to use.

Most of all, the living room has to be enabled to accommodate more people.

,When it comes to choosing something elegant, home owners are not supposed to look for a particular concept, style, or period, but rather to combine the elements they already have in a cohesive and aesthetically appealing manner.

,No Compromise on comfortMaking efficient use of areaWhen planning your budget, think of pieces that are going to last the most, and be generous with them before you go around breaking the bank on accessories.

,For instance, your fireplace can go even without an exaggerated honeycomb mirror above it, but the comfortable, rich fabric sofa with modest design will definitely be around for years.

,Let There Be LightIf possible, surround your living areas with windows, or even floor-to-ceiling long transparent glass French doors to absorb as much daylight as possible.

,You can even think of Japanese horizontal mullions in the doors, or shoji screens that can make the place more visually appealing and guide observers around the living room.

,Sometimes Make It SimpleThe key of modern settingsu2019 attractiveness is that they are clean and simple, but still attractive enough to gather friends and family together.

,Contemporary Living RoomA chic living room.

Small and cramped but still at its prettiest.

Colorful room with an ottoman that serves as the center table.

,SimplicityThe simplicity of this room is seen through the color palette chosen.

This space may be small, but placing more chairs mean more people to sit!,Small FlatIn this picture, the living room is adjacent the bedroom.

A simple white couch that allows the owner to watch television after a dayu2019s work!,Less is moreElegance is born with simplicity.

Still, simplicity doesnu2019t mean a single chair or table per room; but a well-analyzed design strategy; and minimal clutter.

,Keeping things simple is not only good for your space-it is also good for your mood; and for reducing stress as much as possible.

Comfort room and bathroom Design

Menu2019s Bathrooms.

All guys are familiar with the discomfort of using the urinal in the menu2019s bathroom.

,It doesnu2019t matter how good your u201caimu201d is when you pee in a urinal.

The curve of a urinal perfectly reflects your stream right back onto your leg almost every time.

The urinal u201csafe zoneu201d is almost nonexistent, so if somehow you donu2019t get pee on your leg every time, youu2019re extraordinarily lucky.

,Donu2019t even try to tell me that this is a better alternative:,(Essentially a long urinal)Using the toilets for peeing isnu2019t really an option because thereu2019s usually only one or two toilets in the menu2019s room; and itu2019s rude to all the people who have to go #2.

The toilets always seem to have pee on the seats anyways, specifically because people are so desperate to avoid urinals.

,Even though almost no one agrees on anything these days, men worldwide are in unanimous agreement that our public restrooms are the worst.

If a restroom architect is reading this, please create something more comfortable to pee in.